Fall – Cricket Chirp

cricketThe other morning, Sunday before Labor Day, I think, I was in awake rather early and heard the delightful chirp of a cricket.  Actually at first I was not quite sure what I was hearing, but as I sought out the sound and got closer it dawned on my sleeping awareness that it was indeed a cricket.  Really not anything to get excited about, except that I have always associated the chirp of crickets with the onset of fall – which is my favorite time of year.

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Dirt on My Tires

Truck DirtNoticed the other day that my truck has some dirt on the tires and even more up on the side of it. Was a reminder of several of the places I have been of late. Which in itself was a good reminder of who I am and where I have been, many of those places being things that I have only gotten back to just lately. Thought it would be an appropriate post for number the 365th post on the blog – which is a years worth if they had been one a day, but alas, that is not the case. The blog is actually coming up on its third year here pretty soon. Anyway, let’s get on with some of the dirt that has ended up on my tires…

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GuacamoleIt is summer time and we are getting a regular trip in at the farmer’s market. In doing so, I thought it was time to share some of my recently explored recipes. Those of you who know me, know that I am known for dabbling in the kitchen and that usually I come up with pretty good creations. So the other day, when we were checking out after getting a specific item I wanted from one store we saw a burger with a guacamole based spread on it and decided to give it a try.

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CrossroadsI am about to get married really soon… less than two weeks as a matter of fact. I am not concerned about the marriage. Actually looking forward to that. However, I am taking the time to assess a few things in my life and feel like in some ways I am at a major crossroads. Maybe the marriage has little to do with the assessment, maybe it is in truth much more with having turned forty just under two months ago. Anyway, I have had these kind of major refocusing times in my life a couple of times before and good things have generally come of them. Last major time I got rid of motorcycles and all the rebuilding equipment and eventually got into the dream of horses instead.

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March Madness

march madnessThis is really more observations, this time for April. I bet you are wondering about why the heck I titled the post March Madness then, eh? The biggest reason I just finished watching what had to be one the better NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship games in ages (saying a lot, consider Duke won it all) and it April fifth. So lets start with that observation and roll on…

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Goals for 2010

I am being reluctant to use the term resolution. I am not sure the reason behind that reluctance, I just know that it exists. Anyway, as I did last year, here are some goals for going forward in 2010. I think I need to go back and evaluate how I did in 2009, as I see more than one or two here in the list that seem to have become recurring themes. That will be another post if I go that direction. So here are the 2010 goals, in no particular order mind you.

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FoodThis past week, after seeing one of my favorites, the band BLCP I took a friend to see a movie. The movie was kind of odd, in that it was a documentary. But I had been wanting to see the movie Food for some time and it was playing downtown at the Kentucky, just a few blocks over from where BLCP was playing at Thursday Night Live.

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I am back…

Farming Long?As many of you know I have been gone the last several days and prior to that I had not done much in regards to blogging for a bit, both in getting ready for heading out, being busy in general and a good deal of lazy thrown in as well. But I am back and have a few hundred blogs to catch up on and post.

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Small Wants

AsparagusFollowing up on the post from yesterday I thought today I would mention some small wants of things that I would like to have. Some of these things are almost kind of random and therefore I am not really sure what category or picture to use at this point. I am also less than sure of where this will go and I am almost certain that I will not recall all of the things I am kind of tossing around in my head at this point. Anyway, without further contemplation on the details, here is the list: Continue reading “Small Wants”