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Not the Man…

I admit to not being the man I used to be – is this me feeling old or just melancholy? Here it is for what it is…

Farrier Freedom

There is a lot of freedom, both in body and spirit, when out doing manual labor on a hot day, like trimming horses feet.

SLOW Tomatoes = NOT Salmonella

Having local food that is grown in traditional methods is the right way to do things as opposed to quick fixes, short-cuts and the cost of (both money and environmental) of shipping food across the country.

Vive la France!

France has something right that we are completely missing here in the United States of America and that is rebuking the use of genetically modified seeds for consumable foods.

Farm Bill

My biggest complaint is the subsidies that big industrial farms get out of the big farm bills heading through D.C. at current time.

Hero: Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is one my big name heroes for several reasons, mostly having to do with his background of farming and continued support to that community through the current day.

Donkey today – your dog tomorrow?

Might be my donkey today that urban intruders are complaining about, but maybe tomorrow they are all bothered by your dog. Come on folks, if you move out here live like you like ‘out here.’

Poor dirt farmer…

I grew up being a poor dirt farmer and tried to get away from it. It is just in my blood though and has a hold on me that will not let go.

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