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Small World Part II: Dale Culp

Small World or Seven Degrees of Separation Part II: Ran into some blokes at the Irish pub and they spoke of sheep. Ensuing conversation and I found out they knew Dale Culp.

Tobacco: Revisited

A second photo essay of tobacco crop production – this time showing the topping process in progress and I give a little bit of some history on the subject of the crop and potential returns.

Tobacco and Nostalgia

A little trip down memory lane for me with some very pretty tobacco blooms in full glory and the field just ready for being topped. This is more a photo essay then anything else.

Horse Farming

Farming with horses has become a lost art, but there are those few and proud that still exercise the practice and if you look you can find someone to teach you some basics.

Not the Man…

I admit to not being the man I used to be – is this me feeling old or just melancholy? Here it is for what it is…

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