WordPress 3.0 & WP Stats

WordPress StatsFirst, have you ever noticed how almost all the blogs that are categorized as technology also are almost always categorized frustrations? And remind me again why I chose computer science as my preferred field of study way back when? That aside, in case you are living under a rock, WordPress 3.0 came out this past week (Thursday mid-evening if I recall correctly). I have had it up and running here on Mephistos since shortly after the release without complaint in general. But…

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Technology Frustrations

Technology FrustrationsJust what is it with the technology gods these days. Yes, I said lower case technology gods, as they do not deserve a capital letter these days. It seems like everything that I have tried that has been new or especially an update in the last week or two has turned into an ordeal or at the very least really made me have a sour look on my face during the process. I have listed a few of them below just to give some idea of how things have been of late. Guess this is God (note the capital G) telling me that I should be blogging more and installing and playing with new/updated toys a LOT less – which I admit that I have not done much the last couple of weeks. Continue reading “Technology Frustrations”

Facebook Issues

facebookVery quick and short blog here.  Well, that is the intent as I start this thing out.  It was pointed out to me by a friend this eve that the blogs had not been coming through on Facebook as a post and that is where she got the information.  This really kind of disturbed as I use that quick little button link to do that automatically as a post to my profile, which pushes it out based on some random theory that is only understood by those out there who understand advanced statistical methodologies.  As some folks post things that I see right away, others take on average of two to three days to show up, and yet others I see nothing of their posts at all but will yet see them on someone else’s page from comment post. Continue reading “Facebook Issues”

Horse Art

Artistic HorseSeveral weeks ago now there was an editorial of sorts in Ace Weekly that ran something like all culture and art in Lexington is basically unsupported and considered second string to art that featured our equine friends. The article was written in particularly reference to the then current court dates and hearings that were happening in reference to the demolition certain downtown properties to make room for the new Center Point Hotel complex. It seemed to suggest that there is a move by the elite upper echelons of Lexington to crush out all creativity and expression of culture if it did center around the horse. Further, there was an overtone that seemed to suggest that if you like horse art, you were stuck on yourself and could not appreciate art forms and culture that were otherwise available in the town.

I have to admit at the time I was more than a little riled up about the notion that they were suggesting and putt the article somewhere safe so I could reference back to it to give my own two cents worth about the subject here on my blog. I guess I put it somewhere really safe, as I can not seem to locate the copy at all. However, I will start from the stand point that I miss the likes of The Dame already. I have enjoyed the Thursday Night Life sessions this summer, having missed only a few. But I agree, that it is just not the same level of variety that The Dame had to offer. However I will then have to stop and say, “WHOA!”

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