Milky WayI was thinking the other night when driving out late away from town on one of the few clear evenings we have had of late, how many more stars that I could see.  That brought me to the some memories of when I lived in the mountains of Virginia and I could see perhaps around a million of more stars that I was seeing the other night… Continue reading “Stars”

Jobs & Apple

Apple LogoAs usual, I am running a few weeks behind the big news. For those that are even more out of the loop, (not saying I did not know until now, just now getting to blogging) Steve Jobs resigned his position at Apple a couple of weeks back. He remains in his position on the board but will not be involved on day-to-day operations of the company as he has so often been in the past. Of course this brings to the front, the big question of how will Apple do as a company going forward in regards to keeping the almost cult like following, continue to come out with major market shaking innovations, and of course continue to be profitable enough to make stock holders happy. And now tech Friday…

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