Plastic Back to Oil

OilI saw this article back around the first of the year sometime that talked about a machine that could turn plastic bags into back into oil and was pretty excited about it. I meant to write about it at the time, but I heard someone mention the process in passing at a ballgame of all places and thought I would go back to it. After a little bit of searching I was finally able to come up with the original article about plastic bag back to crude oil machine and to save you a bit effort, here is the link –

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Gas Buddy

Gas BuddyNot sure what you were thinking when you read that title, but if you are any of my siblings you are wrong. Gas Buddy (actual site is is a pretty cool site that shows the gas prices in a particular area of most of the gas stations. It is updated in real-time by volunteers and generally for any area with decent populations stays pretty accurate. How exactly would you use the information? There are a couple of ways…

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Federal Reserve Screws Mid-America Gas

Oil Price ClimbingAnyone else noticing around a 10% jump in gasoline pricing this week? You can largely think the federal reserve banking system for that. Yeah, the same folks that were largely involved in the wall street bailout because several brokerage banks were too large to fail have screwed middle class America once again by causing what will likely end up being over $3.00 per gallon gasoline in the very near future. I am sure some of you are saying wait just a minute, what can the federal reserve do to effect gasoline pricing and wasn’t there a refinery fire this past week as well?

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Logistics of Fuel Boycott

Fuel prices are coming back down. This is a good thing. Of course they are coming back down only because of the actual slacking of demand on oil right now. That is largely coming from the decrease in demand from the United States, which has been in gasoline sticker shock from most of the spring and summer of this wonderful year so far. It should also be noted, that a lot of the saber-rattling that has been going on so far in the last few months over in the middle east has amounted to nothing and that weather predictions have thus far proved to have little impact on production as well. Are the fuel prices we are paying at the pump likely to go back below $3.00 per gallon? It could, but I doubt it will personally. Certainly the days of $1 and change gas per gallon are long past us. Continue reading “Logistics of Fuel Boycott”

Explain Gas Pricing

So I got two things I want to talk about under this heading. They are kind of time sensitive, Arm and Leg Gasso I thought I would go ahead and put this up, despite having a couple of drafts still going that need to be finished.

First, this past weekend I was down in Tennessee for a bit. A week or two ago, the state of Kentucky was investigating why Louisville gas was on average .20 a gallon higher than the rest of the state. The answer was an easy one. They have a stricter formula due to air quality issues. Though since that it was pointed out that the Northern Kentucky area, just south of Cincinnati has the same restrictions and gas was cheaper there. Anyway, anyone living in Central Kentucky now knows that we caught up with Louisville. Average around here, at least when I filled up last week was between 4.09 and 4.19 a gallon, right at the mark Louisville gas was hitting when the complaint was going on.

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