HootsuiteHootsuite is another web app, that similar to BufferApp, has as its primary function the ability to queue posts to the top social media destinations, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. It functions fairly similarly to the former as well. The differences are minor, but worth noting to be sure. I will note, that I personally use both – the former for most of my reading coming out of Feedly (a cloud based RSS reader, which as BufferApp integrated) and Hootsuite for those post that come up and I am sending right away or want to delay a bit because I just sent a post or two. Continue reading “HootSuite”


BufferAppBufferApp is a pretty nice little tool for helping to get a handle on your social media information sharing.  It works with Twitter, Facebook, and has just added Google+.  What is it?  The short answer is it allows you to queue up and schedule your social media information.  It is, a bit more complex than all of that, but it is still very simple to use.  With a little bit of effort, it can be used to great effect. Continue reading “BufferApp”

Search Engine Warnings for Questionable Sites

Cover of  Morozov's BookIt is almost believable to be that some one is actually suggesting this kind of thinly veiled move toward censorship, but that is exactly what Evgeny Morozov is proposing. Morozov is a writer of a book and researcher that focuses on how the use of technology tends to affect the social aspects of society at large, so his opinion piece recently suggesting such a move of labeling websites that may be based more on pseudo science as such has gotten a lot of attention. Now to be sure, after reading his opinion and listening to parts of his recent interview Q, his actual idea is to label the sites actually based on science or even move them up in the page rankings.

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Office Suites – Best Option?

Google DocsLong have I been a supporter of the open source code project known as Open Office in the past. More recently though, largely because of Oracle and the general lack of direction, I had jumped on the offshoot and fork project know as Libre Office. Historically of course I have used the assumed standard office suite, at least since Microsoft Office bumped off the Lotus 1-2-3 and Word Perfect back sometime ago. Interestingly enough, I ran into some major issues with Libre Office recently and in that constant evolutionary process, have turned to yet a different player in the arena – Google Docs. So a quick rundown of the approach at reaching the choice is in order.

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Facebook, Changes, Attitude, & Google+

Facebook vs GoogleThere have been some fairly significant changes to the overall appearance of the primary interface that users of the number one social media site, Facebook, see that rolled out to most users this past week sometime. I personally have very little of an opinion about it, but more about that later. My biggest issue is the general lack of concern about the users (note, I did not say customers) that Facebook seems to have shown in this and similar roll-outs of changes in the past. Kind of reminds of some other, earlier social media sites seemed to do – sites that I might also note are almost non-existent due to Facebook. Facebook does have competition these days though and that brings us to Tech Friday…

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DISQUS Comment System

DISQUSAnyone out there using the DISQUS comment system on there WordPress based blog? I have been debating it for a little while and seeing it more often all the time on various blogs and even other sites. It has some nice features but I am wondering if there is catch that would leave me regretting the choice later. Also, in some limited testing I did a little while ago, it seemed that some of the integration was a bit lacking, wondering if that was just my limited testing or exposure of something I failed to set up. Thinking of plunging into it (probably am with Mephistos anyway) with my blogs but would like to hear experiences first.

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Pandora Radio – Reloaded

PandoraIt has been a long time since I have really made any mention of Pandora Radio here on Mephistos. Be sure though that the lack of mention does not mean that I have not been using it. In fact, with all the extra options for the user of the wonderful technology I regularly max on the free account. Clearly, with all the great new options it is more than past time to revisit the product. For those that are not aware of the product, a brief synopsis is in order. It is a streaming internet based radio that will work on a genre or you can seed the music with a specific artist or even a single song. The great thing is the database of music information (via the Music Genome Project) they have that finds similar music to present to you on the stream.

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Google PlusThought I would spend a little time for my Tech-Friday to talk about Google+, or Google Plus if you will. It has been around for just a couple of weeks at this point and is booming already. Last count I heard (sometime last week) had the user base at over ten million already. Granted, that is nothing compared to Facebook’s user base at this point, but consider is still beta and only open to users who have been invited. It is clearly growing by leaps and bounds. Add to that the “+1” tool that clearly moves right into the Google+ system and you are already seeing the system all over the internet today. As if the clear boom growth is not reason enough to get involved with Google+ at this point, here are three big reasons why I think you should consider jumping onto the Google+ bandwagon.

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Share/Like Buttons & Location

Share/Like Button BarsThat last few weeks, when I have had the time and the motivation I have been toying around with additional and possibly replacement share buttons for my blogs. Two primary reasons is that while I love the sharing option I have currently for Facebook, it would be nice to also offer a like button and I currently do not have that option. Beyond that, I have yet to see much offered in regards to Google+ (more about Google+ tomorrow) and I think getting on that is going to important moving into the future. So now I am at some crucial choices and curious as to what other folks think.

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