Penn Diet Success Inspiration

Penn & TellerPenn (yes of Penn and Teller, the magicians fame) has recent dropped over 100 pounds on a diet of eating healthy.  The whole story was he was feeling terrible and on five medications for high blood pressure.  Doctor made some small remark about loosing 30 pounds would make it much easier to manage and a 100 (or whatever it was) maybe no medications at all.  That inspired him. Continue reading “Penn Diet Success Inspiration”


New Years ResolutionsIt is the first day of the new year!  Good morning 2015, good-bye 2014!  And with the new year, it is the day that is most typically given over to making a few resolutions.  I could almost cut and paste the resolutions from last year, but there are a few additional ones and differing notes/strategies to go with some of the ones from last year.  Well, here goes…

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Tax Day Observations

Uncle SamI have not done one of my short lists of observations in a while and I was thinking about it yesterday – what could I do as a theme for something around the middle of April. And then it occurred to me that it is that most dreaded day of tax deadlines. It is also, close to the day when the typical middle class American stops working for the government for the year and instead starts working for themselves, having usually paid the rough percentage due to the IRS by sometime close to mid to late April as well. Since those things are going are both current happenings, I thought it would be appropriate to express a few scattered thoughts about some things I have observed in that direction of late.

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Odd & Ends

Two Rainbows

I have a hundred things to write about for the blog most likely. That is an educated guess of course, but there at least fifty drafts of posts that are in progress or a reminder note. And as if that were not enough, just about everything that I have come across the last twenty-four hours seems to have suggested another post. Some of them, however, are just not enough to make a full post on it’s on merits, so a collection if you well. Some of these by be revisited in the future though.

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Roundup = poison?

News flash (maybe not so much)… Monsanto is increasing capacity in order to produce more Roundup.

Read that in a week old RSS feed relating to agriculture current events this morning. Kind of scary when you think about it. Genetically manipulated and modified crops that withstand the application of the herbicide (weed killer for those that think like me) to the crop without harming the crop itself. It has been going on for a while now which is scary in its own right. Now add to that the increased usage of such practices and it is even more scary. What is there to be scared about?

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