Penn Diet Success Inspiration

Penn & TellerPenn (yes of Penn and Teller, the magicians fame) has recent dropped over 100 pounds on a diet of eating healthy.  The whole story was he was feeling terrible and on five medications for high blood pressure.  Doctor made some small remark about loosing 30 pounds would make it much easier to manage and a 100 (or whatever it was) maybe no medications at all.  That inspired him. Continue reading “Penn Diet Success Inspiration”

10 Week Challenge

ChallengesA departure from my normal technical reviews and ideas. The last month or two I have been really bad about my eating and further have made things worse by not getting in the exercise that I should be doing. I saw that Tera Costa (of Biggest Loser fame) is doing a 10 week challenge to get fit and such between now and the holidays. I am going to do the same and challenge everyone else who is interested to do the same.  10 weeks from now is basically Thanksgiving, but a push from there will keep it going through the holidays. Continue reading “10 Week Challenge”

Heartburn Theory

Dragon HeartburnI have a new theory about heartburn that I want to share. I personally think I am really on to something here and probably need to find a biological scientist or even a doctor who want to collaborate and head up the research on the project. I am basing this hunch of a theory on the fact that for the past three years I have on two occasions greatly reduced my intake of food in an attempt to lose weight (yeah, I know there have been more than those two cases, but those two have been the long sustained ones that really got serious). My conclusion regarding that most horrid condition known as heartburn is that it is the bodies general defense mechanism against overeating.

So yes, I said overeating is the primary cause of that uncomfortable bloated feeling that often leads to gas and certainly gets worse when acid begins leaking out of the stomach into the esophagus. Clearly all of those conditions are general traits generally associated with heartburn but that last one is the case where you just want to hang your head with the overall miserable feeling it causes and certainly the burning and tight feeling though out the center of your chest is where it the condition gets its name from in general.

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Healthy Food, Michelle Obama, & Palin

Michelle ObamaYou have to give credit where credit is due and deserved and this week the credit is all due to Michelle Obama and her efforts regarding the healthy food initiative. it is an issue that is near and dear to Michelle Obama and fits in nicely with the emphasis she has placed on children’s health and exercise already and despite my general dislike of Wal-Mart, recognizing that if you start with the leading grocer in the country others will likely follow, is another smart move. Similarly, the fact that Sarah Palin has come out so strongly against this initiative gives a very clear indication of just how out of touch with the typical lower to middle American family she truly is. Yeah, I know there was a time at which I thought Palin had might have been acceptable, but I will point out I was in favor of a the very unlikely Lieberman being on that ticket. I am sure some background information is order to help bring everyone up to speed and then give my opinion on the matter before asking for yours.

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Just a quick update. It is very interesting to me to note that I have no post of nearly two weeks, yet the amount of visits here are at near all time highs for the days in question. Maybe I should say even less? 🙂

I have had an extremely busy past three weeks. The major software project installation went life the week of July 1st. It has had soe minor hiccups, but the kinds of things that were expected as a general and nothing so far that has caused a major train wreck. This install has required a LOT of hours of my time, though I think with this week coming up, we will get the last nails in the coffin and get underway with the finishing up of this. We have started on next big project already, but it will not be as in-depth or as large an undertaking.

I did have a day off fourth of July weekend – which was a good and needed thing. However, along with two friends of mine, I travelled to Mount Hope, Ohio for Horse Progress days. It was a wonderful event and something I highly recommend to anyone who is of an agrarian mindset or even just likes work horses. I got to met and speak with (as well as hear him speak) Lynn Miller, as well as several other folks. Out of the two days I think I have about another five or six blog topics to get put on here.

Many more hours this week past, especially going to Winchester for our North Eastern property. Many issues resolved there though that will hopefully start to make some of those trips less required. Then as all weekend plans I had felt through, I have ended up just having a wild weekend. A little travelling, a lot of drinking, a bit of reflection and some checking out old stomping grounds at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Again, another bunch of blogs that are floating around in my head.

The good news is, given the number of blogs that I have forgotten in the past, I have taken to making notes about blogs when the thought occurs. Now all I have to do is, write those notes legibly enough for me to read them when I come back to them.

Well, I promised myself two things for these week.

1) I would eat more healthy. First, I was noticing the horrid number of transactions my debit card that were for fast greasy food kinds of places. This is something that I tend to slip into, especially when doing a lot of driving – which has been the case lately with work especially. Beyond that, more than one person I know has passed away in the last few days due to heart issues of some sort or another.

2) I would get back to being more involved in SCA, especially at the local level. To that end, I went to the local meeting this week past. The socialization was great, as was the food! There was some discussion toward having a local fun type of event and royalty and populace alike would really like to have horses present if possible. I am getting back into heavy fighting too – fight practice was not so good this past Wednesday from what I hear due to family issues of those involved. I was heading to the practice this afternoon, but didn’t see anyone at 2:00pm. Stupid me, SCA time is NOT prompt – I should remember that and adjust. So, now I have had coffee and some computer time – and I am going to head back – which I had better get going or I will miss it all. One quick additional note, the extra exercise will help the enhance the eating healthy issue.