Keeneland lands Breeders’ Cup 2015

Breeders' CupIt was whispered and leaked last week, but was made official by both Keeneland and the Breeder’s Cup racing today, that Keeneland will host the Breeders’ Cup in 2015.  This is the ninth time in their history that the Breeders’ Cup will come to Kentucky, but it only the first that it will not be at Churchill Down down the road in Louisville.  It is considered a homecoming on two fronts – given the number the horses that go own to participate and win at the Breeders Cup that go through sales at Keeneland and that the whole idea for the cup was originally proposed by the owner of Gainesway Farms.

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New Year & Resolutions

Black-eyed PeasThe New Year and with it the typical planning for a fresher start, or at least the determination to stick with some plans made for the coming year is rapidly approaching. I have, realized over that it has been just over a month since my last post here, so I am first and foremost jumping back into my plan to post on a daily basis. I will say, that for once – aside from the week I took off from the blog after Thanksgiving, I really have been that busy with projects, both work related and personal, over the last thirty or so days. Enough of that though, time to get back to the task at hand, which listing out my ideals that I am determined about for the coming year. So, commence with your pork, corned beef, cabbage, and especially your black-eyed peas, pull up a chair… read my resolutions and comment back with your own.

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Top Ten – 2010

Top TenI did this last year and though this is a bit late at this point, I decided it was a good thing to reflect back on the year past. So here goes with a top ten events or happenings in my life from the past year. And yes, it is in a list. Definitely still an issue with WordPress not doing ordered lists in a reversed countdown, very disappointing, but I suppose I really should not have expected that change. As usual, I am making the list and since it can not be ordered in reverse, I am just putting them down as the occur to me. Because of that, I will shoot for ten, but may be more or less, just depending on how things work out. Continue reading “Top Ten – 2010”

Resolutions – Part I

Weighing ScalesI realize it is a bit early to be started with resolutions, but I have one or two things that are really bugging me. I figure why put off until tomorrow that which can at least be started today. Largely, despite a couple of false starts, going back to even before I got married in the spring I have done nothing but be lazy and get fatter. I have had enough and I have got to do something about that before it gets out of hand.

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Why is it?

So why is that when the boss heads out on three-day business trip and you have committed to plans a, b, and c being complete before his return that is when everything just seems to get mixed up and off track? I give you yesterday and today in short (to save you from technical pain). Yesterday while on a late lunch, one of two air conditioning units went out. With the heat in the server room building, we had a major system loose a hard drive before anyone caught the heat situation. Rebuild that last night and get final things in place this morning. Doing final configuration for a project install phase one this afternoon, when another system coughs up a hairball. All is running again forty-five minutes later and I still am not sure I can explain it. Did I mention the new computer we bought was DOA and a one users system has three trojans? And then the folks and I that were doing the cut over for phase one all got together. It should be fifteen minutes at most, right? But it fails to work, even after an hour and fifteen minutes – so we have to roll back and this will throw off all the rest of our dates. Why is that this kind of week seems to always occur when the boss is away? A few more why is it follow:

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Indigestion, Marriage, & WHAT?

I have a few hundred things I should be doing right now and amongst those was the idea of maybe getting some sleep. Two days in row that around 4:30 or so I have started feeling a bit upset to my stomach and rather wretched. I thought yesterday it was the pizza from the night before – today I suspect poisoning of some nature or another. So, after talking on the phone for a while with Shauna and later filling in a dear friend, followed by some killing time catching up with a PBS show all the while thinking I was near to sleep, I instead find myself rather wide awake and still feeling a bit icky several hours later.

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Horse = Horsepower

Draft Team PlowingI have had this little note burning in the back of my mind for sometime now. Driving around Circle 4 in Lexington, I caught site of a billboard for the Speed School at the University of Louisville. I think, if I recall correctly that is in particular the engineering school. The billboard said something to the effect of without engineers horsepower would still be horses. That has kind of stuck in my crawl if you will and every time I think on it, it chaps by proverbial behind end.

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Summer Bird

Summer Bird Wins BelmontI hope that someone listened to me over the last week. I watched with anticipation to see if Rachel Alexander was going to be entered into the Belmont and was a little surprised when over the weekend before Jackson said NO to her running, without even waiting to Monday as had been indicated. That was a bit of a bummer, but even before that I had started telling folks that the fresh legs of a breed for distance horse in the Belmont might be the one to watch for versus either Rachel or Mine that Bird. When I looked over the early possible field I really liked Summer Bird, a half-brother to Mine that Bird and had put $5.00 wager on him to win in a bet pool that was before the field was even set and locked the odds on that win at 25:1.

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Derby to Preakness

Mine that Bird & Calvin BorelCan Rachel Alexandra beat the boys in the Preakness? Can Mine that Bird win the 2nd leg and be a contender for the Triple Crown? Will Mine that Bird come through and put is in the running for a Triple Crown Winner, the first in over thirty years? What about one of the other favorites who under performed in Kentucky Derby slightly less than two weeks ago?

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