Kentucky Derby Picks

2015 Kentucky DerbyAs promised yesterday, I am following today with my 2015 Kentucky Derby picks.  If you are curious about the Oaks, that link will take you to my picks for that race that I posted yesterday.  And yes, we are now less that five days until the Derby will run Saturday evening on May 2nd (first Saturday in May) around 6:45 – the fastest and by far, most exciting two minutes in sports. Continue reading “Kentucky Derby Picks”

Oaks Picks

Kentucky Oaks LilyWe are just under a week away from the Kentucky Derby and even closer to the Oaks, which will run on Friday afternoon/evening.  As per my usual I am pretty excited about the upcoming weekend and greatly looking forward to it.  As also is my usual, I have my picks and some insight as to why they are my picks.  I am going to give mine for the Oaks today and follow-up with my Derby picks tomorrow. Continue reading “Oaks Picks”

Triple Crown, Rants, & More

Triple Crown TrophyIf you watched the Belmont Stakes and stuck around the comments after the race you have no doubt seen California Chrome’s partial owner complain about the Triple Crown setup being unfair. If not, you have likely heard about it since that time, as it has been all over the media, especially since he continued rants on Sunday. Followed by some crow and what I guess we take as a sincere apology this morning.  Let me just say, I personally think he should be ashamed and here is my reasoning. Continue reading “Triple Crown, Rants, & More”

Oaks & Derby Picks

ChurchilldownsAs I usually do, here are some suggestions based on what I think could happen in the Oaks this evening and again in the Kentucky Derby tomorrow evening.  No, I am not any sort of handicapping expert, but I generally do okay on picking the ponies.  My one day at Keeneland was a plus of around $350 total, just as an example.  I will start with a hint on the under card for the races today.

In the 10th race, Will Take Charge is a favorite and a horse you do not want to bet against.  I was going to play an exacta bet with him and add the Norman Invasion horse along with Moonshine Mullin, all boxed – though I think you could put Will Take Charge in the  first spot no matter what.  However, Norman was scratched this morning.  While I don’t like it as much, I did just the two remaining horses in the exacta.

In the Oaks, which is the 11th race on the card I think it is a one horse race again.  This one is Untapable’s race to loose really when you get down to it.  Because of that, the odds are going to be horrid again.  I do like Rosalind, Unbridled Forever, & My Miss Sophia to probably round out the top three spots, so I put all 4 in a box trifecta.  If you just want to cash a ticket (for not much) take Untapable for the win.  I did put a $2 win bet on the longshot Aurelia’s Belle, just because.  I had some early money on Untapable by the way, but the odds were short then as well – my opinion of this girl has not changed.

Moving on to the Derby, the grand-daddy of all horse races, I had a few favorites in the early part of the season and I have some money on them.  A few of them, including Wildcat Red, Tapiture and Vicar’s in Trouble drew into the field.  I have some good locked in odds there.  I really don’t think Vicar’s has in him anymore to be a real contender, but I will be happy he does.  I think that in addition you have to add Intense Holiday and Wicked Strong.  Wicked Strong is on the way outside though, so a big question.  I personally have a distaste for California horses and I just don’t think Chrome is going to be there at the end.  That being said, picking a winner is hard is such a talented crowded field.  I put a box trifecta on Wildcat Red, Tapiture, Intesnse Holiday, and Wicked Strong.

Best of luck to all bettors and let me know who and what you have in the comments!

** – Image is from Churchilldowns (I think) and was listed as free to use.

New Year & Resolutions

Black-eyed PeasThe New Year and with it the typical planning for a fresher start, or at least the determination to stick with some plans made for the coming year is rapidly approaching. I have, realized over that it has been just over a month since my last post here, so I am first and foremost jumping back into my plan to post on a daily basis. I will say, that for once – aside from the week I took off from the blog after Thanksgiving, I really have been that busy with projects, both work related and personal, over the last thirty or so days. Enough of that though, time to get back to the task at hand, which listing out my ideals that I am determined about for the coming year. So, commence with your pork, corned beef, cabbage, and especially your black-eyed peas, pull up a chair… read my resolutions and comment back with your own.

Continue reading “New Year & Resolutions”

Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingA quick post to say Happy to Thanksgiving to all my friends and family, and especially the extended family that occasionally reads the blog!  Hope that everyone has or has already had a wonderful day with family and friends, some good food that hopefully included a bit of turkey and the fixings, and if you are travelling I hope those are safe throughout.  Lastly, an appropriate thought for the day, a few things for which I am thankful of includes my wife and her wonderful ability to cope with me, my dog who is loyal beyond all, the horses, who have put up with me despite my large absence this year, and of course my job and people I work with.  Oh yeah, I should not forget all those hours of fishing and the fish that have allowed me to catch and often eat them!

** – Image is from Wiki Commons.

Bourbon, Blues, & Horses

Bourbon BlueBourbon, blues – bet you were thinking I was going to say something about New Orleans? Nah, I got the blues tonight and in what is, I am sure, a spiral deeper into such things, I have compounded the matter with a bit of bourbon. Well, okay, a bit is probably in most folks accounting of such things an understatement. So what does any of this have to do with horses? Well, that is what this entry is about and relates to so many things included medieval reenacting and jousting, clearly the horses, and coping with having MS in my life, so read onward… Continue reading “Bourbon, Blues, & Horses”

Jousting & Horses with MS?

Jousting PassWow, how time flies sometimes. I had been putting off writing this blog entry for a bit because I was not really sure I wanted to write it. Fundamentally, I suppose, by it to words it confirms what I likely already know in my head, if that makes sense to anyone. To explain, I guess I have to back up a little bit for those folks that do not already know me. One of my big hobbies over the last ten or more years has been doing things with horses. That includes anything from light trail riding, breeding some when I had the full farm, lots of training (both them and myself), and of course doing medieval things for show and pleasure. By medieval things I mean anything from a light demo in costume of what squires did to train up to full tilt jousting. The question I have now is can I still do any of this and if so, what parts? Continue reading “Jousting & Horses with MS?”

2011 Road to the Roses

Road to the RosesIt is getting to be that time of year when the big races for three-year old thoroughbred horses are going to be getting underway and from those races, the twenty horses at or near the top come the first Saturday in May will be having a little run that we call the Kentucky Derby. I am starting to do my scout work to see how I can come out. You may recall that two years back I was spot on with both the Oaks and Derby. Last year, I admit I missed the Derby, by a good margin, but I hit a big payout on the to make up for in the Belmont. Not only I am starting to look forward to the big races that will set the field, but one my favorite little fun competition game sites is up and running too. That site is the Road to the Roses, this being the 2011 version of it.

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