Net Neutrality: Why It Matters to You

Network Neutrality SymbolHave you heard it in the news lately? A court has recently turned the FCC rules for net neutrality on their head. Why should you care? After all will it even impact your life at all if you are not some giant media company anyway? Yes, it could very well. First, though, to understand how it may impact you, an idea of what it is all about. Currently, the internet is neutral to the size and hence ability to pay. The delivery circuits, or “pipes” if you will. They let all information flow at an equal ability.

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Insight – to McAfee?

Insight LogoThose who know and read know that it is an inside joke with some folks I know from McAfee that you just do not offer poor customer service to someone from the little spot in the road I did most of my growing up called McAfee or they will just take their business elsewhere. I am left in a icky place after my dealings with Insight, over the last week but especially yesterday. But to really get the full picture I have to make up to Friday a week ago, on the 3rd of February…

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Search Engine Warnings for Questionable Sites

Cover of  Morozov's BookIt is almost believable to be that some one is actually suggesting this kind of thinly veiled move toward censorship, but that is exactly what Evgeny Morozov is proposing. Morozov is a writer of a book and researcher that focuses on how the use of technology tends to affect the social aspects of society at large, so his opinion piece recently suggesting such a move of labeling websites that may be based more on pseudo science as such has gotten a lot of attention. Now to be sure, after reading his opinion and listening to parts of his recent interview Q, his actual idea is to label the sites actually based on science or even move them up in the page rankings.

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Unfaithful to Firefox

FirefoxWhile pausing for a bit of a break from working on theme for a blog, I thought I would give some insight as to why I am currently being unfaithful to my favorite tried and true browser, Mozilla Firefox. I am sure that comes as a little bit of a shock to some of the folks that read me regularly, as historically I have been such a huge fan. I even own the bag with the Firefox logo on for my laptop transportation needs (note, it was a gift, but I have carried proudly most of the time all the same). So what exactly is going on that is leading to astray, to actually click and surf with other browsers that have historically been of less repute?

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Lunar Pages

Lunar PagesI hate to say this about Lunar Pages, who are my current hosting provider and have been the last three and half years, but they have really went down hill the last year or so. The bottom line is the support over the last year so has really just went downhill to the point of almost not existing. Example of my most recent grief will follow, but the bottom line is this: As soon the remainder of my two year contract expires I will be switching my provider. Continue reading “Lunar Pages”

Microsoft and Skype

SkypeYou may recall that just a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the planned purchase of Skype by Microsoft for a huge monetary deal. You also know that, while I hold no particular favor for Microsoft that I also hold no particular unmerited grudge against them either and fully recognize what the computing world landscape would like today without their efforts back in 80’s and early 90’s. It, however, very unfortunate that with in two weeks of the announcement that Skype had major problems leaving many users wondering what was up and how things are going to shake out moving forward.

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Specific Browsers

HTMLSomething that really gets in my crawl in a major way is all the specialized browser tools. It is a big frustration to me and I am sure it is to the world in general as well. The whole point of the original format of the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was to be universal. It was to be interpreted by the browser of course and displayed on the screen in a free flow format. Of course each browser could interpret each set of commands slightly different and show up on the screen in a different format. That was fine though, so long as the content within the framework was the same all was good. Times have changed however, and with each turn of the crank, where in theory we should be moving closer to not only universal implementation but the same view we instead specialize and go farther away from hardly anything on the web being universal.

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October Geekiness

Geek InsideI have a few geek and technology smaller tidbits to share so I thought I would get it in really quickly before the end of the month passed by. There are a range of potential subjects in this posting and I hope that I can remember to include them all. A few possible subjects include what note to do if you want to keep you geek card (a la top ten style list), a small rant about some buzz kill blogger suggesting Gen X is looking back and it is going to be up to Gen Y, the idea of self-evident computing (and I will take it step further and say self-evident technology) and what that means – especially to technological professional gurus like myself, the apparent silliness at Google and attempts to speed up the network by compressing JPEG’s even more, why we need IPv6, and the best – Open Office is forking from Oracle with a new strain called Libre Office. As usual, I realize that the technical side of things is not for everyone – so feel free to skip this one if you need to, though I do recommend the geek card bit, as it is FUNNY!

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No Customer Service – Windstream

WindstreamI really wanted to call the title Windstream still sucks, but thought maybe I would be a slightly kinder and gentler me. Here is the situation in short. I had Windstream service for only higher speed internet access through their DSL product. I had constant issues with it for three or four months and finally got it all worked out correctly only to move the next month. Current location options for internet are pretty much either Windstream or the latest version of the cable company that used to be Adelphia. Having had problems with both from a customer service stand point in the past, I let the fact that DSL is a non-shared bandwidth and already have Dish Network for television make the decision. After waiting for the install day, the guy finally showed up – without any sort of heads up call mind you and you still have to provide a four-hour window. He left, telling my wife all was fine and it was ready to go. Wrong! The following are my emails (and reference to calls with messages left) to customer support that have yet to be answered by Windstream.

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