CrossroadsI am about to get married really soon… less than two weeks as a matter of fact. I am not concerned about the marriage. Actually looking forward to that. However, I am taking the time to assess a few things in my life and feel like in some ways I am at a major crossroads. Maybe the marriage has little to do with the assessment, maybe it is in truth much more with having turned forty just under two months ago. Anyway, I have had these kind of major refocusing times in my life a couple of times before and good things have generally come of them. Last major time I got rid of motorcycles and all the rebuilding equipment and eventually got into the dream of horses instead.

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International Jousting Association

IJA JoustingAs I continue my discussion of answers to common questions that I get in regards to the who, where, and how of jousting, I am going to turn to the International Jousting Association. The IJA, as it is often referred to is just what is sounds like. It is an international organization of like-minded jousters from around the world. The membership numbers are much smaller than that of the SCA (see my previous post in this series for more information). It is also, especially when compared to the SCA, much harder to become a member. Continue reading “International Jousting Association”