Oaks & Derby Picks

ChurchilldownsAs I usually do, here are some suggestions based on what I think could happen in the Oaks this evening and again in the Kentucky Derby tomorrow evening.  No, I am not any sort of handicapping expert, but I generally do okay on picking the ponies.  My one day at Keeneland was a plus of around $350 total, just as an example.  I will start with a hint on the under card for the races today.

In the 10th race, Will Take Charge is a favorite and a horse you do not want to bet against.  I was going to play an exacta bet with him and add the Norman Invasion horse along with Moonshine Mullin, all boxed – though I think you could put Will Take Charge in the  first spot no matter what.  However, Norman was scratched this morning.  While I don’t like it as much, I did just the two remaining horses in the exacta.

In the Oaks, which is the 11th race on the card I think it is a one horse race again.  This one is Untapable’s race to loose really when you get down to it.  Because of that, the odds are going to be horrid again.  I do like Rosalind, Unbridled Forever, & My Miss Sophia to probably round out the top three spots, so I put all 4 in a box trifecta.  If you just want to cash a ticket (for not much) take Untapable for the win.  I did put a $2 win bet on the longshot Aurelia’s Belle, just because.  I had some early money on Untapable by the way, but the odds were short then as well – my opinion of this girl has not changed.

Moving on to the Derby, the grand-daddy of all horse races, I had a few favorites in the early part of the season and I have some money on them.  A few of them, including Wildcat Red, Tapiture and Vicar’s in Trouble drew into the field.  I have some good locked in odds there.  I really don’t think Vicar’s has in him anymore to be a real contender, but I will be happy he does.  I think that in addition you have to add Intense Holiday and Wicked Strong.  Wicked Strong is on the way outside though, so a big question.  I personally have a distaste for California horses and I just don’t think Chrome is going to be there at the end.  That being said, picking a winner is hard is such a talented crowded field.  I put a box trifecta on Wildcat Red, Tapiture, Intesnse Holiday, and Wicked Strong.

Best of luck to all bettors and let me know who and what you have in the comments!

** – Image is from Churchilldowns (I think) and was listed as free to use.

Kentucky Basketball Rant

UK BasketballBefore I start, know that I am very much a University of Kentucky basketball fan. I have been for as long as I can remember, having come to age watching the teams of the late 1970’s and stuck with them through thick years of the late 1990’s and the thin years on each side of that. I will further say that I was pretty excited when Cal came on board. However, shortly after that I really questioned the heavy reliance on the recruitment of “one and dones.” I relaxed that stance a little bit with the win of it all in 2012… Continue reading “Kentucky Basketball Rant”

Kentucky Derby & Oaks Preview

Churchill DownsWow, where as the year gone already? First we have almost no winter and then we follow that up with weather the last week or so that seems more like late June or even early July… And some time in the last four months I have obviously blinked and Derby weekend is upon on us. Granted, I have not done my usual following of intensely watching all the horses in contention since the racing season really started back up for the horses on track to the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby this year, but I still have a few good picks and suggestions for two days if you are into wagering or even if you just want a horse to shout for as they are coming down the stretch. Continue reading “Kentucky Derby & Oaks Preview”

UK Wildcat Basketball

WildcatSomething a little bit different for today and the blog.  Due to my wonderful job (at least most of the time) I am going to be attending the University of Kentucky basketball game this evening.  Yes, I did just attend a game, way up in the stands, last week versus my old college, Transylvania.  Yes, I have attended a little over a handful of games over the the years, going back to around 1989 for my first.  Yes, the experience tonight will blow those out of the water.  I will be seated down on the floor in one of the end-zones.

I am going to have my laptop there and tweet from the game, though not necessarily about the game, but the experience itself.  I will do a little blogging from the game as well, either before, during, and/or after. And maybe, just maybe, I may get a column in the paper on Saturday/Sunday.  Regardless of how it works out, be sure and to check back this evening around and during the game!

** – Image is UK Logo and rights are reserved to them.

Transylvania v UK Basketball

TransylvaniaEarly this evening I went to see something that had not happened in just over a hundred years. Crosstown potential rivals Transylvania University, of which I am an alum, met the steeped in tradition University of Kentucky on the basketball court. Obviously I went to support Transy, but still I have always enjoyed Wildcat basketball. And clearly, as one might expect in this match-up, I fully expected Transy to be short on the size front, outgunned speed and ability, and just generally at a much lower level of competition – hence the nature of the exhibition game.

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Tamcor Fitness Center – Thumbs Down

BBBTamcor Fitness Center, located not far from where I live here in Jessamine county is getting both of my thumbs down on their way of doing business today. I really hate that too, as it was a nice little gym that is really close to the house and I was planning on using them again this winter if they had a similar offering on a month to month basis as they did late last fall. As of today though I will not however set foot back in there in this lifetime as a paying customer, primarily because of really poor customer service but also just general business practices that I think are in the best light shady.

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UK Football is a Joke

Kentucky WildcatsI said it two years ago, prior to Joker Phillips officially being named the head coach of the University of Kentucky football team and I will say it double strong now – that was a big mistake. Okay, I know that football is on the far edges of the kind of thing I normally talk about, but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting daily (and doing a better job of it than has been the case in the past). With that in mind, I thought I would get things rolling quickly with some of the easier shorter post as I work on some of the more in-depth postings for later this week and early next week. In case if you are around Lexington and have noticed, the football team at our fine university has slipped from barely above average to be the annual punching bag for everyone in the SEC once again and the blame rest squarely on the ‘Joke’ that is that is in the top coaching position.

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Home Front

Home FrontA very pleasant surprise that I stumbled into last week when I was driving home from the corporate IT conference in Chicago is a radio show called Home Front. I discovered the show when I dropping the Indianapolis radio stations and getting into the range of the Louisville broadcast, just slightly after 8:00pm or so. As I scanned the dial I heard a good sounding bluegrass sound and stopped on WFPK, out of Louisvile, an old friend from the time I used to head up to Louisville on a regular basis. Turns out that was not the only blast from the past that was to come from listening to this show…

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