UK Wildcat Basketball

WildcatSomething a little bit different for today and the blog.  Due to my wonderful job (at least most of the time) I am going to be attending the University of Kentucky basketball game this evening.  Yes, I did just attend a game, way up in the stands, last week versus my old college, Transylvania.  Yes, I have attended a little over a handful of games over the the years, going back to around 1989 for my first.  Yes, the experience tonight will blow those out of the water.  I will be seated down on the floor in one of the end-zones.

I am going to have my laptop there and tweet from the game, though not necessarily about the game, but the experience itself.  I will do a little blogging from the game as well, either before, during, and/or after. And maybe, just maybe, I may get a column in the paper on Saturday/Sunday.  Regardless of how it works out, be sure and to check back this evening around and during the game!

** – Image is UK Logo and rights are reserved to them.

Home Front

Home FrontA very pleasant surprise that I stumbled into last week when I was driving home from the corporate IT conference in Chicago is a radio show called Home Front. I discovered the show when I dropping the Indianapolis radio stations and getting into the range of the Louisville broadcast, just slightly after 8:00pm or so. As I scanned the dial I heard a good sounding bluegrass sound and stopped on WFPK, out of Louisvile, an old friend from the time I used to head up to Louisville on a regular basis. Turns out that was not the only blast from the past that was to come from listening to this show…

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2011 Road to the Roses

Road to the RosesIt is getting to be that time of year when the big races for three-year old thoroughbred horses are going to be getting underway and from those races, the twenty horses at or near the top come the first Saturday in May will be having a little run that we call the Kentucky Derby. I am starting to do my scout work to see how I can come out. You may recall that two years back I was spot on with both the Oaks and Derby. Last year, I admit I missed the Derby, by a good margin, but I hit a big payout on the to make up for in the Belmont. Not only I am starting to look forward to the big races that will set the field, but one my favorite little fun competition game sites is up and running too. That site is the Road to the Roses, this being the 2011 version of it.

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Mega Millions & DOS

Mega MillionsAnyone out there been paying attention to the multi-state lottery game called Mega Millions? It is up to an estimated 350 million for tonight’s drawing. I admit that I buy a ticket to that game and Power Ball on a pretty regular basis. Apparently a lot of other people have decided that is up to an amount that is wort playing for this drawing as the it has increased by I think 50 million since originally estimated based on the ticket sales.

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SecretariatIt has been a couple of weeks ago now, but the wife and myself went to see the movie not to long ago. It was something both of were looking forward too and I especially so as it was going to be my wife’s first exposure to the Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington. It was kind of special also in that is where the movie Secretariat made its world-wide debut. In regards to the experience, including the movie I will give it over all thumbs up. When it comes to the movie specifically I am still debating in some regards with myself. I am sure that deserves and even requires some explanation.

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Six Movies Have to See

Movie SixThere are six movies that have recently come out that I think should be on just about anyone’s list of have to see movies (it started as eight – but that is why I am making a list). I had been keeping a running list in my head of what they are, but have in the process let one of the titles slip out of my head. I have also managed to let two of these movies completely finish their run without having caught them at the theater, though I personally do not think they are the kind of movie that will suffer much from being seen on the less expensive small screen in the living room. Anyway, that all being considered, I thought I should make a few quick notes of the titles. I thought it would give me a perfect opportunity to speculate and comment as to why I think they are such need to see films.

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Government Intelligence

Painting LinesWhat I got here is a prime example of great government intelligence. What I am about to say is unbelievable in the best of times but given that this is a stretch of road that is maintained by the Commonwealth of Kentucky it becomes even more appalling. The fine commonwealth has recently been discussing just how budget shortfalls are going to met, debating cuts to services, increases in fees (another way of saying tax in a very thinly disguised wording), and even looking at the possibility of a looming special session to figure it out. Granted there has been some trickle of money starting to come in from the federal aid packages and maybe that explains the following:

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Kentucky Derby Update

Friesian FireThe derby is set to go off tomorrow afternoon. Today was the Oaks, Kentucky and especially Louisville’s local day at the beautiful Churchill Down facility. I had been meaning to write an update for sometime, especially given the two horses I had mentioned back much earlier in the year (Stardom Bound and Old Fashioned) will not be making an appearance. First a quick update on the two horses I had picked and then let me give you my picks from what is going to be there and couple of other notes.

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135th Kentucky Derby

Old FashionedAs promised the other day (and ironically actually something I started a LONG time before the other day), I wanted to mention some details about the horses that I am thinking have the best run at the 135th running of the Kentucky. Yes folks, it is definitely getting to be that time and I certainly start getting excited about it right about now. Horses have done there two-year campaigns, if you agree with that or not and now they are hitting their potential prime on the race track and there is one race that stands out today more than other and that is the Run for the Roses that takes place always on the first Saturday in May.

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