TwiggenburysLast Thursday, my wife suggested that we might like the group playing at Thursday Night Live and that she, Bitzer and I should go.  I used to go rather often, but had not been more than a couple of times in the same number of years.  The band was the Twiggenburys, a band that exclusively does British based covers and they do a great job of that.  It was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Continue reading “Twiggenburys”

The Move

New PlaceSeems like it was just yesterday when we moved into the townhouse there by the large pond in the park that is named a lake… But time has moved by rather rapidly and after being there almost two years with much consideration the wife and I decided a move was in order for us.  With more consideration, we settled on the idea of moving to Lexington.  For me that almost seems like a full circle has been completed.

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Favorite Coffees

Coffee BeansI was not really sure if this should be called favorite coffee, favorite coffees, top ten coffees or just what. I am going to give a list of some of my favorite coffees in order of how I actually like them in this post. However, I also felt it was important to designate those coffees that are either the bean or grounds to take home and make a pot (or a cup – but why bother with just a cup at that point) versus those locations where you can a cup of some of my favorites to enjoy right then and there. In addition to my favorites in each category, there are just a few coffee types that no matter what the situation I just really do not care for all that much. I full intend to list those in this post as well. So, without a clear title and no further to do about what I a posting, here we go…

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Nicholasville Road Traffic

Nicholasville Road TrafficNicholasville Road traffic can be enough to drive the most calm commuter insane at times. It starts to pick up at the Jessamine/Fayette County line and gets extremely congested fairly quickly. However, despite the numerous people using the road, outside of those special events like ballgames and concerts, Christmas shopping in and around the malls and of course accidents, traffic generally moves along fairly quickly. That is, until you get down to just before the University of Kentucky Medical Center and the lanes available narrow to just two, regardless of the time of day and the traffic flow.

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Joey & Rory

Joey & RorySometime last fall/winter (though I actually started writing this in the early morning hours of the actual night of the concert), I had tickets to see what I think is one of the greatest things to come out of the country music scene in a LONG time. Yeah Joey & Rory, of CMT’s Can You Duet fame as well as those really great commercials that were especially active during the Christmas holiday season so recently passed. I almost nearly stumbled into the tickets, having caught a glimpse of the flier a week or two prior, I purchased tickets immediately without even knowing who I would get to go with me for sure. If you have a chance anytime soon it is well worth the $15.00 I paid for tickets to see this awesome duo live and in person.

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Gallery Hop

Blue Grass TrustA few days back I went with a few friends out to a gallery hop in Lexington. The idea of the gallery hop is that several different galleries in the and near the downtown area are open late, all have exhibits of some nature. And to encourage some social interaction most have the artist present along with some finger foods and beverages, including much cheese and wine. Continue reading “Gallery Hop”

Anne MacFie

Harvest of DulcimersAnne MacFie, who I know as half of Dick and Anne Albin. She was just in Lexington doing music for some cause that was supporting books that have been banned. She, along with Dick (and my ex-wife who actually introduced me to them), probably opened my eyes to music more than anyone before or after – and for that I give a heart-felt thanks. I am sad, that I was reminded of them by seeing a flier for the event the week after it had occurred. Continue reading “Anne MacFie”

Dame Busters

Formerly - The Dame & BustersI admit I am using a play on words in the title. Many is the eve that I am spent in the two places. Ad to that the restaurant that is now in its 2nd or 3rd iteration that used to be a drug store across the corner and Irish Pub down the street named McCarthy’s and you pretty much have my social scene for a large part of my college years, somewhat during after college and especially after the divorce so many years ago. And to just show how things are cyclical in nature, where did I start hanging out again after things went crazy back in 2007? Gosh, that really seems like it was longer ago than that now. Continue reading “Dame Busters”