Nitro vs.

Nitro Screen ShotWhat are you using as a todo type of list on your computing devices?  I have tried  a bunch of different ones over the last several months, even years.  Back in the late summer months a colleague mentioned, which is a native application on mobile platforms that has a counterpart desktop tool and web interface.  Recently, though, I came across Nitro with some similar function and a both native to Linux and apparently open source.  Aside from a minor quirk and functionality that need to grow just a little bit, I am very pleased with the Nitro tool overall. Continue reading “Nitro vs.”

WunderList vs GoTasks

Wunder ListI find myself at the point of a question and thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any opinions. After using EverNote for a couple of months, I have realized one big drawback to it that I really need – a scheduler or list of tasks with a certain time to be completed by. After some research and hoping to get an extension to EverNote and even trying some home-baked ideas I have realized it was futile have looked into other options. The two at the top of the list (pun intended) is WunderList and GoTasks.

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Weekend Accomplishments

Dream GarageI had that big beautiful list coming into the weekend and I have really only gotten a few things here and there knocked out on the list. Of the things accomplished I am pleased, but I just didn’t get enough done, outside of the relaxation accomplishment that is. I got plenty of that done. So to review and give myself a score for a change, let me count off just what did get accomplished this weekend. Working back is how I am going to do this and hopefully I remember it all.

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Weekend Plan

listVery dull and probably even heading toward boring to the readers of the blog.  However, I am looking forward to the weekend at home and I love making a plan, well, at least a list of the things that I am planning to get accomplished.  You have to understand that some, the month of October has been the proverbial lion of the last several months and has not had me at home so far this month on a weekend – at least not at home on my time of the weekend.

Do not get me wrong.  I loved the long weekend at Peaceful Valley Lake with a big part of my wife’s family, just relaxing and fishing and the weekend after spent at the Royal Harvest event with equestrian and late night chatting around the fire were great.  Heck, even putting up fence, less digging the post holes for Jill for her birthday and visiting with my family some was not all that terrible.  But I am ready for a weekend at home where I can catch up on some the things that are so far behind, do a few things that are just for me and my pleasure, and in general have some relaxation time while doing it all.

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More To Do

To Do ListI posted a list of things not to long ago of things that I needed to get done over a weekend. While I did not knock out absolutely everything that was on the list, it served the purpose well. The purpose of course was to both motivate me toward great accomplishment and to help hold me accountable to all that I needed to get done. So please bear with me as I run a list of things that I need to get done this weekend, where for the first time in a month or more I will actually be home all weekend. The sense of urgency is even greater on this list though, as I will be out-of-town most of all of next week and the following weekend.

Weekend Goals

To Do ListIt must be that time of year for me again… I don’t know? Earlier today I posted about weight loss and now I have a list of things I want to accomplish this weekend. Not sure if I will get to all of it or not. Helps me to stay focused though when I write out a list of what I need to do. Also helps me remember, especially when I finish one task, what else it is that I am planning on getting done this weekend. Yes, I do fully realize that if I get all this knocked out this weekend I will have to head to work next Monday to catch up on rest.

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First, my sincere apologies. I know there is a silent hush and even a gasp or two that I did not continue my huge running record of eight days in a row with at least one blog posting. Sorry folks and my apologies. I will try to make up for it some today. I had, to say the least a rough couple of days lately, and while I am sure some of that will come out more here shortly, it doesn’t necessarily all need too and it especially doesn’t need to be in this blog. That is no excuse though and had I not gotten distracted for a good bit with emails and such at around 11:00pm yesterday, when I sat down to compose this, I would have probably keep day nine in a row intact as well. Speaking of records, one was set here yesterday, the most pages viewed here at the Mephistos blog ever!

On to the subject matter. I was talking to a friend today and was told it is hard to be happy oneself if one’s own happiness is tied totally to another person. Now maybe that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it did kind of too me. I am very saddened by a recent turn of events and I admit that I was about to completely lose it – just what exactly it is, I am not sure, but I was about to lose it at the time of the conversation. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while a HUGE part of future dreams, goals, ambitions, and just things to do, things to have, were being built around a person, not all of them necessarily are. There are huge holes in those dreams and goals that, well, really can not be accomplished without another person. And frankly, I think those are important dreams and goals to have. But, what I wanted to do was list some of the goals, dreams, or just general things that will bring me happiness without that special person. And just so anyone reading knows – I do think any goals achieved with someone to share them with are all the more special and apt to bring that much more happiness.

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