Home Front

Home FrontA very pleasant surprise that I stumbled into last week when I was driving home from the corporate IT conference in Chicago is a radio show called Home Front. I discovered the show when I dropping the Indianapolis radio stations and getting into the range of the Louisville broadcast, just slightly after 8:00pm or so. As I scanned the dial I heard a good sounding bluegrass sound and stopped on WFPK, out of Louisvile, an old friend from the time I used to head up to Louisville on a regular basis. Turns out that was not the only blast from the past that was to come from listening to this show…

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George Strait – Reba McEntire

George & RebaA few weeks back my wife and I took my Mother-In-Law down to Louisville for a George Strait concert. It just happened that while he was the headline act, Reba was also playing, before him. Clearly she was not the headline, but of fame and talent herself. Additionally, the show was warmed up by Leann Womack. The show itself was an awesome event and as you know, if you have been reading I had been looking forward to see George in concert for sometime anyway. The day turned out be rather long, by the time we got all the way back to Nicholasville and into bed, but it was well worth it all the same.

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Dear American Football

FootballDear American Football, Please consider this my official Dear John letter to you. I have, over the last several weeks and even seasons become really dis-enchanted with most of your purported sport and have finally reached my last straw. I will no longer be a general watcher of your sport going forward. I have been coming to this break with your sport for some time now, but events over the last several weeks have just completely cemented my choice to abandon you. Honestly, I have never been a super big fan, other than the shared something to do in an often social environment, so my abandonment comes easily enough. After all, no big fan of any one team, but rather the fan of any game that offers a good level of competition. I am sure you are perhaps finding this as a surprise and maybe I am just catching you off guard completely, so I will fill you in on a few details as to why we are reaching this end of our sometimes Saturday and Sunday relationship. Continue reading “Dear American Football”

Horse = Horsepower

Draft Team PlowingI have had this little note burning in the back of my mind for sometime now. Driving around Circle 4 in Lexington, I caught site of a billboard for the Speed School at the University of Louisville. I think, if I recall correctly that is in particular the engineering school. The billboard said something to the effect of without engineers horsepower would still be horses. That has kind of stuck in my crawl if you will and every time I think on it, it chaps by proverbial behind end.

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Anniversary & Updates

I was just about to write a short little note updating some things in my life and more particular what was going on here with my blog and such as that. As I started my usual checks of Facebook, MySpace, and the 400 other places I check online nearly daily, I realized the date. It was indeed this exact weekend sixteen years ago that I said some vows to someone. Sixteen years and a couple of days I was enjoying one the most wonderful weeks of my life, at a small local park that had cabins and camping, a playground with adult sized swings, frisbee-golf course, and caves that John Hunt Morgan reportedly regularly used as a hideout. All of that was combined with miles of woods and wildlife and beautiful overlooks of the Ohio river, as well as up close and personal as the vestiges of a by-gone era, the boats pushing the barges. Anyway… not something I want to dwell on much at all other than to note that we never really know what life will deal to us going forward. We can only be sure that it will be something at least a little bit different then what we had planned.

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