Insight – to McAfee?

Insight LogoThose who know and read know that it is an inside joke with some folks I know from McAfee that you just do not offer poor customer service to someone from the little spot in the road I did most of my growing up called McAfee or they will just take their business elsewhere. I am left in a icky place after my dealings with Insight, over the last week but especially yesterday. But to really get the full picture I have to make up to Friday a week ago, on the 3rd of February…

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McAfeed Concept

SlashBy now, you should probably be getting a pretty good idea of what the concept of the McAfeed blog is all about. Occasionally there will the blog post about why good customer service is good for business and similar types of concepts, but for the part it is a place to list out an experience that you have had that was just bad enough for your personal taste to be turned against the establishment. While I know my own tolerance for such instances is pretty darn low (it has to do with being from McAfee – see the about tab), I am sure I am not the only one with such experiences. The blog will still have a few things done to help make it look a little better, but please, if you have similar experience please sign in and post about it – especially if it was over the top and as a consumer you were just at the point of McAfeed. Continue reading “McAfeed Concept”


Historic Marker - Jane McAfeeVery few of you that read this blog probably know this, but I grew up on a small farm in northern Mercer County. More specifically that farm was located in a little area called McAfee, which at the time was actually a dot on the official maps of the state. Though it has been removed since that time.

The little community, much as the whole of the area was originally populated by Native Americans of course. In the 1770’s though there an influx of white settlers who came both to McAfee Station and just south of there to a Fort Harrod, and of course we can not forget Boonesboro, a few miles East. The point is this though, the McAfee brothers, of which eventually their were five that settled in the area, along with some kinsfolk were the first to establish a settlement in the McAfee area of Kentucky.

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