Bourbon, Blues, & Horses

Bourbon BlueBourbon, blues – bet you were thinking I was going to say something about New Orleans? Nah, I got the blues tonight and in what is, I am sure, a spiral deeper into such things, I have compounded the matter with a bit of bourbon. Well, okay, a bit is probably in most folks accounting of such things an understatement. So what does any of this have to do with horses? Well, that is what this entry is about and relates to so many things included medieval reenacting and jousting, clearly the horses, and coping with having MS in my life, so read onward… Continue reading “Bourbon, Blues, & Horses”

Jousting & Horses with MS?

Jousting PassWow, how time flies sometimes. I had been putting off writing this blog entry for a bit because I was not really sure I wanted to write it. Fundamentally, I suppose, by it to words it confirms what I likely already know in my head, if that makes sense to anyone. To explain, I guess I have to back up a little bit for those folks that do not already know me. One of my big hobbies over the last ten or more years has been doing things with horses. That includes anything from light trail riding, breeding some when I had the full farm, lots of training (both them and myself), and of course doing medieval things for show and pleasure. By medieval things I mean anything from a light demo in costume of what squires did to train up to full tilt jousting. The question I have now is can I still do any of this and if so, what parts? Continue reading “Jousting & Horses with MS?”

Resolutions – Part II

Cherry BlossomI have already posted some resolutions that I made prior to even Christmas. At the time I knew I had a few more that I needed to make before the end of the year. At this juncture I am pretty sure I have them all in my head, but I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and get them jotted down somewhere. As these are in general briefer then the originals, I am giving them about one line. I am also, for review, including the resolutions in brief in this post as well. As it is now day two of the new year, I can attest to getting along with these in pretty good fashion so far.

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Quick To Do Plan

Christmas Wish ListYeah, I hate to do it, but I gotta. I got so much going on right now and so much coming up, if I do not make some additional notes I am sure I am going to forget something. Besides, you guys are supposed to be holding me to these lists and that is not really happening. Anyway, I am sure I am feeling either an all-nighter or at least most of one in the cards this evening. Before I get into that though, let me first express my apologies for slacking on the blogging sometime during the holiday week. Okay, I missed my goal of completing the NaBloPoMo last month, but I did get a good deal o posting in. I have a lot of blogs started and going so I should pick up in December right where I left off whenever it was back before Thanksgiving. On to my things that I need to get done…

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CrossroadsI am about to get married really soon… less than two weeks as a matter of fact. I am not concerned about the marriage. Actually looking forward to that. However, I am taking the time to assess a few things in my life and feel like in some ways I am at a major crossroads. Maybe the marriage has little to do with the assessment, maybe it is in truth much more with having turned forty just under two months ago. Anyway, I have had these kind of major refocusing times in my life a couple of times before and good things have generally come of them. Last major time I got rid of motorcycles and all the rebuilding equipment and eventually got into the dream of horses instead.

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Cincy Art Museum

Tiger with Cubs A few weeks ago I drove up to the Northern Kentucky area and met a friend. From there we headed a bit further north into the big metropolitan area of Cincinnati with the intent of spending the afternoon viewing the various galleries at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It is an afternoon well spent if you have any inclination or appreciation of art and the collection has just a little bit of everything so regardless of your personal taste you are sure to find something that you appreciate.

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Medieval Bling

Dover CastleYes, I said medieval bling. Yes, I am sure that is exactly what I meant. No, the medieval world was not some gray drab world that lacked color. It does not take a super amount of intelligence to figure this all out if you give it just a little bit of thought. After all, when was it that the process of making those elaborate and oh so beautiful designs out of stained glass came to be?

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Pennsic Prep & Packing

Heading to BattleTonight I did the last of my preparation and packing for Pennsic. Pennsic is annual medieval ware between friends. After all where else do you get to beat on your enemies all day with a various weapon forms and then have a drink with them in the evening? As for me, this is the first Pennsic I have ever attended, but several other things, especially with horses are on my check list. This one is the big one with over 10,000 people in attendance. My plan is blog about the experience, either while there or when I get back. Anyway, this evening this is what I have done in the final stages of getting ready, in almost as hectic as this list seems to be:

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Medieval vs Technology

HelmSo some of you probably wonder why for my escape I prefer the idea of, as someone recently put it, “dressing up and pretending be a guy swinging a sword around.” If you take a look at my daily dose of technological woes and worries it is no wonder I would prefer for my relaxation time to move back 600 to 700 years away from computer and find a time when technology was in general much simpler. After all the technology level of armor or weapon, while advanced for the time, generally either worked for you and you did well or it did not and you died. No gray areas or dumb things you have to do to get them to work. Yeah, for those wondering, I am about to gripe a bit about some technology issues… Continue reading “Medieval vs Technology”