Bing Rewards, Wikipedia, & Bing Homepage

BingBing is a search engine that in my humble opinion rivals the big king of search engines, namely Google. About the same level of advertising and generally similar search results (and on occasion, results that I find are more relevant, especially on really technical searches). The really cool thing is that Bing also has a rewards program for using their search engine. Unlike some other search and reward programs, this one still actually returns good results that is worth using in most cases and has a couple of really cool features to help the process along.

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Most Influential Person? Steve Jobs?

Steve JobsA friend and I had a conversation about the most influential person over the last two decades not too long ago.  The conversation was lead off with some comment shortly after Steve Jobs passing (guess that dates the conversation a bit more than I care to recall) that he was probably the most influential person in the last twenty years to twenty-five years or so.  I took objection to that, and suggested that maybe it could be argued to be the case for the last decade or so (going back really to the iPod, including both the iPhone and iPad), but that really there are a LOT of other players to be considered for most influence even there, and especially if you look back as far as quarter century from 2012.  What do you all think?

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Office Suites – Best Option?

Google DocsLong have I been a supporter of the open source code project known as Open Office in the past. More recently though, largely because of Oracle and the general lack of direction, I had jumped on the offshoot and fork project know as Libre Office. Historically of course I have used the assumed standard office suite, at least since Microsoft Office bumped off the Lotus 1-2-3 and Word Perfect back sometime ago. Interestingly enough, I ran into some major issues with Libre Office recently and in that constant evolutionary process, have turned to yet a different player in the arena – Google Docs. So a quick rundown of the approach at reaching the choice is in order.

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Microsoft and Skype

SkypeYou may recall that just a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the planned purchase of Skype by Microsoft for a huge monetary deal. You also know that, while I hold no particular favor for Microsoft that I also hold no particular unmerited grudge against them either and fully recognize what the computing world landscape would like today without their efforts back in 80’s and early 90’s. It, however, very unfortunate that with in two weeks of the announcement that Skype had major problems leaving many users wondering what was up and how things are going to shake out moving forward.

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Microsoft Acquiring Skype

Skype LogoContinuing the concept started last week with Friday being a week in technology happenings and observations, I am kicking off today with the big news that Skype will be acquired by Microsoft. The deal was announced this week, after you will recall just last week Facebook and Google were both considered suitors in the case of Skype but there was no mention of the Microsoft. The deal is worth some 8.5 billion, yes, with a ‘b’ – making it the largest acquisition which Microsoft has done.  Just to clarify for those unsure, Skype is a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) that allows phone conversation to occur between any two internet connected devices.  It offers much more though, including conference and connections to and from regular phones, not to mention the typical long distance savings when using VOIP.  Lots of questions remain and there is much speculation about the deal.

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February Observations

Mal from FireflyA few observations for my birth month are in order I thought. In fact, if I get this done before something else catches my attention, this post will actually appear in the morning on my actual birthday. Most of these are actually technological in nature so apologies to those that do not care so much for the technological aspect of things I tend to post. On the other hand, not all of them are so you should still browse through the list of observations just in case you come across that odd something that you do find interesting that you had not heard about up until this point. And without further ado, let me get started with the observations for February…

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Zune? iPod Touch?

Zune HDBack around the New Year Holiday I realized I had not really used my Zune that much of late and decided it was time to remedy that. I got it and it was still working just fine. However, I felt fairly dated with what top of line technology for such things a few years ago now being a full generation or two behind the times. It is an interesting thing to note though that the Zune line of MP3 (really nearly any digital format, including movies and such) player is still around and kicking. And that brings me to the dilemma faced going forward and one that I am not sure which to lean. In other words, your input and opinions are much appreciated. Would I be better off continuing my relationship with Zune HD (and hence Microsoft) or should I look into the iPod Touch, which now includes a lot of the same features as the Zune and a few extra options from the Apple/Mac empire?

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Observing Technology – November

Computer Science?I know that more than one of you is already tired of and ready to be done with any technology. I have just a few additional short technological observations and I will move on to different some other more varied subjects for a few days after that – I promise. Besides, there are just so many things going on and coming up in so many different aspects of my normal everyday life, who can really blame me for having a focus on technology from time to time? After all, I am a computer scientist at heart – well at least under old definitions of computer science. Anyway, on with the observations in my typical list fashion for these shorter length observations…

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