SwagbucksNeed a little extra sideline income that can be picked up in your spare time and even while you do something else, including sleep?  If you said now to that question I am surprised you are ready this blog and not off somewhere on your yacht or private jet.  If you said yes, Swagbucks may very well be an option for you.

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The Dark Side

Far SideSome few of you that have been reading for a bit have noticed no doubt that I have started moving specific topics out of this blog to other sites. Part of that is because those are old sites that I have owned for some time that were definitely the heart and soul of the subject matter that are having the blog postings relocated there. But beyond that, I am also moving more toward the dark side. By that I mean that I am positioning some of those things to potentially and hopefully to be a little bit better at monetization. Continue reading “The Dark Side”

700 Billion Later…

Dow Jones - Inter-day ChartIt should come as little surprise to anyone that I found the 700 billion dollar bail out that was first rejected, and then later, with additions made, passed last week to bail out private entities distasteful to say the least. My personal believe was strongly that they made the poor choices and that they needed to ride them out. Fundamentally we have interfered with capitalism at the fundamental level. The fundamentals say that capitalistic based market economies will correct themselves. It is kind of Darwin for financing when you get down to it, but those that screw up will be eliminated. Basically the strong that make the right choices will survive. And yes, there will be sometimes when things get worse before they get better but that is the chance we take when we live in a market driven economic system. The more the government interjects into this process the more they are going to have to that in the future. Continue reading “700 Billion Later…”