TwiggenburysLast Thursday, my wife suggested that we might like the group playing at Thursday Night Live and that she, Bitzer and I should go.  I used to go rather often, but had not been more than a couple of times in the same number of years.  The band was the Twiggenburys, a band that exclusively does British based covers and they do a great job of that.  It was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Continue reading “Twiggenburys”

Home Front

Home FrontA very pleasant surprise that I stumbled into last week when I was driving home from the corporate IT conference in Chicago is a radio show called Home Front. I discovered the show when I dropping the Indianapolis radio stations and getting into the range of the Louisville broadcast, just slightly after 8:00pm or so. As I scanned the dial I heard a good sounding bluegrass sound and stopped on WFPK, out of Louisvile, an old friend from the time I used to head up to Louisville on a regular basis. Turns out that was not the only blast from the past that was to come from listening to this show…

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Pandora Radio – Reloaded

PandoraIt has been a long time since I have really made any mention of Pandora Radio here on Mephistos. Be sure though that the lack of mention does not mean that I have not been using it. In fact, with all the extra options for the user of the wonderful technology I regularly max on the free account. Clearly, with all the great new options it is more than past time to revisit the product. For those that are not aware of the product, a brief synopsis is in order. It is a streaming internet based radio that will work on a genre or you can seed the music with a specific artist or even a single song. The great thing is the database of music information (via the Music Genome Project) they have that finds similar music to present to you on the stream.

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Tech Friday (on Monday) – iCloud & Skype

ownCloudUnless you have been living under a technological rock the last couple of weeks you, by no doubt, know that the biggest news in tech the last few weeks is the announcement of the not very well-kept iCloud by Apple. It was rumored to be coming for more than a few weeks and even the week before Jobs came back from his medical leave for apparently one day to make the announcement, semi official announcements were being made straight from Apple and company. As of this past week, the cat is officially out of the bag at this point, but we are still left wondering about as much as we were before the announcement took place to be honest.

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George Strait – Reba McEntire

George & RebaA few weeks back my wife and I took my Mother-In-Law down to Louisville for a George Strait concert. It just happened that while he was the headline act, Reba was also playing, before him. Clearly she was not the headline, but of fame and talent herself. Additionally, the show was warmed up by Leann Womack. The show itself was an awesome event and as you know, if you have been reading I had been looking forward to see George in concert for sometime anyway. The day turned out be rather long, by the time we got all the way back to Nicholasville and into bed, but it was well worth it all the same.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud PlayerMid-last week Amazon announced a couple of new services called Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. There was much hub-bub after the announced about how this would put Amazon ahead of Google and Apple in this niche of the field and much grinding of teeth over the seeming very open privacy options that Amazon has stated in the Terms of Service for these particular services. I want to give some thoughts on both aspects, but first I think should define just what each is.

Cloud Drive is just that. A virtual drive up in the cloud. Think of it as a memory stick (thumb drive) that is virtually attached to your system. It is, initially intended for storing your music on it, but it is, even at this stage, more than capable of storing any kind of data you might desire to store, from movie files, data file for your word processor or spread sheet program, to photos, and anything else in between.

Cloud Player is the tool that will play your music files from a browser window. So, anytime you have a connection, you have access to your music basically. They of course have versions that work in almost all computer platforms and already have support for I-Phone/Pad and Android as well.

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Death of Suits & Rock-n-Roll

SuitAnyone else out there listen to NPR? In the last couple of weeks they have announced both the death of a men’s suit and rock and roll. I suppose that I really should not be shocked by the latter has certainly felt the death of the former occurred sometime ago. I was a little shocked to hear both of them being announced on NPR in such a short time span and especially the suit story coming from them really means the suit is indeed dead.

To be honest, I thought the death of the suit occurred back around 1991 or 1992, when IBM in Lexington split off to form a Lexmark International. Prior to that point I had always dressed for success if you will, including often wearing ties and coats to the office despite the fact that I was still in college and not a regular employee. I worked in a particular shop that largely did not wear coats and ties, however all the clients of mostly engineers were always dressed in suits.

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Unhappiness with Ubuntu

UbuntuI am sure it will surprise many, given my strong support and long time advocacy of Open Source projects and especially the Ubuntu distribution of Linux – but I am not completely happy with Lucid Lynx. Lucid Lynx is version 10.04, which was released this spring and is the current long-term support(LTS) version of Ubuntu. And while I will say I am unhappy with it, I am not unhappy enough to switch back over to Windows as a primary operating system anytime soon. I would have to get a lot more unhappy with it before I got to the point I would want to switch back to that kind of slow bloated system – and do not think for a minute I would go to something as closed as Mac O/S whatever for anything other than what I have to support at the office.

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