BBS Days Recalled

Wildcat!Got to thinking about things the other day and gave a few thoughts back to the computer day prior to the big kickoff of the internet revolution in the mid 1990’s. Not sure how many of you were around doing computer things in what the version of online prior to the boom, but it was largely systems called Bulletin Board Systems. It was with fond memories I skipped down that lane from that time period in the late 80’s on into the early 90’s. I still count among some of best friends those that were made in that time period and though we have perhaps not kept up with each other as much as we should have, we still occasionally correspond in some way.

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MySpace Issue

MyspaceI have been away from the blog for a few days, it was a busy week with things going on both in life and at the office with a number of people being out of the office. But I got a bunch of things to write about for all three of the blogs if I can just find the time to do so this coming week. As I was really pushing the new blogs last week, or was it the week before, I have run into some issues with MySpace. Actually specifically one issue and it is a major one.

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25 Random Things

RandomNot my usual kind of thing, but it came across Facebook from a good friend I found myself realizing a few new things and gained some insight otherwise. So I thought I would follow suite. I have posted this on Facebook and welcome you to do the same, if not there, do it in your own blog, MySpace, or even as a comment here. It was to be sent to 25 friends, but I figure why limit to that number? So the instructions were basically to note 25 random things about yourself. I tried to include a few things that not everyone would know as well. Continue reading “25 Random Things”

Respect SMS

Message in a BottleFirst, a quick lesson or two here about what I am talking about. SMS is short for Short Message Service and is indeed the process by which cell phones and a few 1000 other technological wonders send those little one line messages that in range of 140 to about a maximum of 160 characters in length. So along with SMS, notes on social networks, and even tag lines, I got a few peeves I am going to, ahem, talk about. Continue reading “Respect SMS”

Random, Technology, Reflection

Solar MirrorsI have so many things that I am wanting to write about her in the blog right now that I am almost shutting myself down with the thoughts running around here and there in my head. I thought this evening I would just run with some short little notes about things. Which is a good lead into the first thing I wish to bring to your attention, and of course, I have to do this as my favorite, a list. Continue reading “Random, Technology, Reflection”

Centennial Post

Horse JewelryI was tempted to call this posting centennial+1, but I am not sure if that would have been followed by everyone or not. A more obscure one still would be centennial++. How appropriate that the last post, about my being a slacker from generation-x, was indeed the 100th post to this blog. Granted, the original two or three post here were made when experimenting over on the WordPress hosted blog site and were later moved to this site. If my math is correct, the first post was made on November 17th, 2007, 285 days ago. So that puts the average at something around the a post once everything three days or so. Of course, it took almost two months between the first and second post and there have definitely been some times in there that the posting stream slowed to a trickle and nearly seemed dried up completely.

Obviously I am not living up to the idea of two to three post in a day. I do seem to get that fairly easily when I have the time to write here. I suppose I should say that when I make myself make the time to write here, I have the time to fairly easily post two or three posts daily. However, between working, trying to move some things, and dealing with horses, not to mentioned my own selfish desire to be a social person two or three times a week, I have not managed to make the time but about every other day. I think, without actually counting and doing the math, that the average number of posts in a given week or month is still close to seven or thirty, respectively.

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Good News

Good News
Some good news, especially given those who may have seen my recent notes on Facebook and MySpace, something to help offset my recent gloom in other places. There is quiet a bit of it to be had if I just look hard enough for it and ignore a certain few other things for the time being. As I have been fond of making some itemized list of late, I think this one also calls for such a format. So, in no particular order, some good news…

  • I have completely converted over my home (desktop) computer to the new model, it is running great and I am very pleased with the new speed, memory, and especially the Sata II drives in it.
  • Probably some of the best of the good news, today – well this morning, I got on the scale and for the first time in probably near five years I weighed less than 300 pounds. This is where I was heading late last fall when I got side tracked and never could seem to get traction back toward loosing again until just recently.
  • Last week I also purchased a new pair of shorts, to have for this weekend mostly – the good news, to get the size that fit best, I had to go two full sizes smaller in the waist then what I had been wearing. Now, do not get to excited, I already knew that my pants were getting to big and that I didn’t wear a belt they would not stay up – but I didn’t realize just how far down I had gone. I am still not see the size loss that much, but other folks constantly are mentioning it, so maybe it is showing some or maybe they are just trying to be encouraging?
  • In combination with the weight loss, which has mostly come from just controlling what I consume and keeping that at a level that is reasonable or slightly below that, I have also been exercising somewhat regularly. Mostly this entails getting near about two miles of a brisk walk at least every other day. Today, Bitzer and I did it with the ten pound waits on the legs. I need to start getting those on the wrist some as well. The exercise is making me feel great as a general rule – and especially given the number seemingly young acquaintances that have passed of late, I think that is a good thing.
  • I received my digital camera late last week. It is a large step up from the old one, which stored pictures on floppy disks. The new one is not top of the line, but at 7.0 mega-pixels it is not too shabby either. I will have to get a memory card for it at some point, but it does just fine for the twenty shots or so I have made so far.
  • I am making a life category posting that does not have the category frustration clicked at the same time. Mind you, that is not to say I am not frustrated, just that there is nothing in this posting that is qualified as a frustration.
  • I have made seven days in a row here on the blog with a posting of some sort. A few of those, I will agree the quality there of is perhaps a bit questionable and my apologies for that. I will mention in my defense, my past seven days did not go at all as I had envisioned it going when I started that goal of several days in row with a post. Hopefully, as I am now on a roll, I will be able to keep that up.
  • The amount of traffic, what small amount it is, that is coming to the blogs is seeing a slightly upward trend. Now granted, it hard to say for sure until it averages over a couple of weeks and the upward trend continues, but I am pleased with it for the last few days given its current trend – especially given the Sunday and Monday have historically been low days for traffic here.
  • I am officially on the Gulf Wars Equestrian staff for next years war. Had that confirmed in a conversation earlier this week. I am not sure why I am excited about this, it means I will be working at one of the events I typically try to just chill out and enjoy the moment while I am there.
  • Seems like there should be something else here, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is – maybe I was going to say I am thankful for what I got and such as that, but that would seem kind of out of my character in general, so probably not.
  • In between all the rebel-rousing I have done this weekend, I have gotten to watch some old movies that I have never seen before and some newer, but yet older movies, that I have seen perhaps 100’s of times. They were all enjoyable, even if some brought me to levels of emotion I am not used to experiencing, for whatever reasons.
  • I between the movies and the rebel-rousing, I have also managed to read a good deal in two of the books I am currently getting myself through. Both are biographies of authors, but what a difference in styles (and times) between Mallory and Twain. I will be sure and give some sort of note here when I complete the both of them.

That seems to be a bigger list then I thought I was going to muster, of course I should erase that one. Anyway, I am off to bed now, as I promised Bitzer we would get up and do two miles of walking in the cool of the morn prior to work and our shower.

* – My apologies if that image is copyright, let me know and I will remove it, but it did appear without any such indication where I found it, it was appropriate, and I liked the retro look with just a bit of sexual appeal.

Currently reading, listening, watching…

So I had been thinking about things that I am currently reading, listening to, and occasionally watching. I have tried to update some of those items as well as a current favorite or two on my accounts for MySpace and Facebook, as well as a few other places. I have since decided it just too much work to maintain it in separate places and will, going forward on a semi-sporadic time scale, post a message here in my blog that contains what I am reading, listening to, or watching – as well as any current favorites and what I have recently finished (and for those I plan to give the a rating out of 5 stars)

Currently Reading:

Recently Finished:

  • Native Dancer: The Grey Ghost: Hero of a Golden Age by John Eisenberg – A good little work of history regarding the horse Native Dancer. A horse that became even more famous because of his gray coloring and the contrast that gave him on the new fangled device in the early 1950’s that we call television. Despite having lost the Kentucky Derby and having a reputation of being a lazy horse toward the finish once he knew he had the victory, his record crunchy times and his later huge winning progeny definitely make him one of the better horses of the last century, some accounts placing him as high as 3rd (even without a triple crown). Good background for where America is and what is going socially and such at the time too. Only thing I would say is, maybe written at a bit of an elementary level at times. Rating: * * * *
  • The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir – A good account of Elizabeth and her reign, as Weir is noted for having done with several monarchs around about the same time. I found a couple of her theories on things a bit implausible, but she doesn’t really say one way or the other, but rather presents them as possibilities that have been considered by scholars at one point or another. Overall, you get a really good feeling of just what court life would have been like during the reign, especially as she is establishing and consolidating her power during the early years of her reign. You can also really appreciate the tricky balancing act Elizabeth played over the years with her many suitors, while all the while knowing full well as soon as she had a husband she would be submitting to his rule over her in all likelihood. Rating: * * * * 1/2

Currently Listening:

  • about anything they have out by Pythia – Interesting cross between old style music and lyrics with a very heavy metal instrumentation and presentation. I need to break down and by a CD, but so far I have just playing off of their MySpace page. Be sure and check out Tristan and My Pale Prince (now humming aloud “Dark Lord hold me, you control me, you should know me, by my faithful heart…”). Beside all of that, Emily Alice is HOT!
  • Ghost of a Rose and The Village Lanterne by Blackmore’s Night – Another cross of old world styled lyrics and instruments with some pop style riffs and updating. I am pretty sure that most of material is original lyrically, but I am not 100% that some songs are not old lyrics re-done. Again, you can at least get an example of their sound at there MySpace page.
  • Greatest Hits by Willie Nelson by Willie Nelson – Obviously, if you have read other post in this blog this should not come as a surprise. What is surprising is this is the only Willie recordings I own, and there are only like maybe eight to ten tracks. How do you reduce his greatest hits to that number, I am not sure? Anyway, I think this is a very old set of music and I am thinking that I should get his version of the ‘immaculate’ collection in the boxed CD set (One Hell of a Ride) that was released not to long ago, which I think a total of over a 100 tracks.

Recently Watched:

  • Survivor – I am not even sure where they are doing the current season. There was a year or two there where I watched this show often. The couple of episodes I watched sort of here and there while doing other thing recently was more than enough for me to get my fill. Basically the same thing is still going on – it is much more a political suck up game the anything about actual survival.
  • CSI – Again, a couple of episodes caught mostly in full view after having finished other things that were being worked on. This is the original one, set in Las Vegas – and I admit to at one time a few years back having been sucked into the other two CSI shows as well, though I was never as fond of the one set in Miami (guess I was just to set on it they should be working Crockett and Tubbs). Anyway, as I felt before, there is a lot more depth to and development of the characters in the original CSI. However, while the science is mostly sound, I still get agitated about how quickly things tend happen, how there is a computer database available out there for everything material composition of everything ever made to tire tread and shoe tread patterns, and of course the desperate we need a break by point X in the show and then tah-dah – there it is with just enough time to wrap up the story line – but almost everything is always solved. And yes, I admit to not having much for a willing suspension of disbelieve of the last few years in case you are wondering.