New Years ResolutionsIt is the first day of the new year!  Good morning 2015, good-bye 2014!  And with the new year, it is the day that is most typically given over to making a few resolutions.  I could almost cut and paste the resolutions from last year, but there are a few additional ones and differing notes/strategies to go with some of the ones from last year.  Well, here goes…

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New Year Revolutions, er, Resolutions

Vive La RevolutionAs it is that time of year once again I am pondering about my resolutions for the year coming up as I say good-bye to the year that has been. I realize that for the past year, I have not done so great on previous resolutions. So, I say revolutions above kind of tongue in cheek and playing off the recent AT&T commercial, but I also fully realize that most of my current resolutions are really going to be revolutionary in nature. So, without more chatter, I will get going with the New Year and the promise going forward of accomplishing things this year on a grander scale.

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New Year

goalOnce again we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year and so we welcome in 2013 and say good-bye to 2012.  2012 was not a bad year as years go, but there were things that I wanted to do that I never seemed to get motivated enought to get off to a good start.  There were things that I did get a good start on but kind of stalled out on at some point during the year and even a few of those got a second wind at some point, but still did not end up in the place where I wanted them to be.  On top of those things that are carry overs, there a more then a few new things that I want to accomplish for this upcoming year.  And so, I give my list of goals for 2013…

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New Year Blog Clean Up

Cleaning ToolsSpent a good part of the early morning hours going through things here on Mephistos doing some cleaning up and it made me realize a few things. The kinds of things I was cleaning up was primarily links to other sites and almost all of the things I realized had to relate to just that. Clearly it is not something I had done in a while, as a few of the blogs I was linked to(aside from my own) had completely died, not having had a single post in all of 2011, others had completely changed the focus or were not even a blog any more, and yet others had resurfaced that I had removed some time before. A clean up of links and review of plugins and processes was clearly in order.

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New Year & Resolutions

Black-eyed PeasThe New Year and with it the typical planning for a fresher start, or at least the determination to stick with some plans made for the coming year is rapidly approaching. I have, realized over that it has been just over a month since my last post here, so I am first and foremost jumping back into my plan to post on a daily basis. I will say, that for once – aside from the week I took off from the blog after Thanksgiving, I really have been that busy with projects, both work related and personal, over the last thirty or so days. Enough of that though, time to get back to the task at hand, which listing out my ideals that I am determined about for the coming year. So, commence with your pork, corned beef, cabbage, and especially your black-eyed peas, pull up a chair… read my resolutions and comment back with your own.

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Resolutions – Part II

Cherry BlossomI have already posted some resolutions that I made prior to even Christmas. At the time I knew I had a few more that I needed to make before the end of the year. At this juncture I am pretty sure I have them all in my head, but I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and get them jotted down somewhere. As these are in general briefer then the originals, I am giving them about one line. I am also, for review, including the resolutions in brief in this post as well. As it is now day two of the new year, I can attest to getting along with these in pretty good fashion so far.

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Observations 2010

Starting out the new year right. My goal off the top of the bat is to post daily for the month of January. That being said, my biggest first observation of the year is just how much of a cluster the holiday season between and around Christmas and New Years plays on blog readership. I went from pushing close to two hundred daily readers in the first half of December to barely getting twenty some on the days in between the holidays. Guess that says what most of you are doing at work, eh? Just kidding. In all seriousness I did not post as much during the that time either, but I am back on a roll now and so without further ado, some of the first of my observations for 2010!

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Even Bits

I am sorry, I could not resist the name of even bits after last weeks odd bits. Nothing to worry about if you did not get it. In fact, if you are concerned about people thinking you are nerd, geek, or otherwise and you did not get this, then at least you do not qualify from a technology and computer standpoint to be a such. Anyway, that being said, I am once again making notes as the week goes along given that I liked the way that worked last week for the observations post. And indeed I had a couple of those today and hopefully will follow with a few more through the Christmas holiday.

… time passes …

With the holidays I did add many to this, but it is now the New Year (and a good happy prosperous one to you) and I am getting back to the blog full force. I have a few to add this and will probably send it on out shortly.

Top Ten…2009

Top TenAs mentioned before, I am doing a top ten best moments and/or experiences of 2009. Clearly these are things for which I am thankful for having had the opportunity. I am still debating regarding if I should do the same for the decade. It gets a little bit more involved to find the ten items that fit the list without skipping something else. And for those wondering, yeah, but decades end in the digit 9, but I started counting in a year that ended in 0, so I am all good. So the list is in order for a change, counting down to the number one experience – but for some reason WordPress seems to not agree with a <ol reversed> tag set.
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