The Move

New PlaceSeems like it was just yesterday when we moved into the townhouse there by the large pond in the park that is named a lake… But time has moved by rather rapidly and after being there almost two years with much consideration the wife and I decided a move was in order for us.  With more consideration, we settled on the idea of moving to Lexington.  For me that almost seems like a full circle has been completed.

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Nicholasville Road Traffic

Nicholasville Road TrafficNicholasville Road traffic can be enough to drive the most calm commuter insane at times. It starts to pick up at the Jessamine/Fayette County line and gets extremely congested fairly quickly. However, despite the numerous people using the road, outside of those special events like ballgames and concerts, Christmas shopping in and around the malls and of course accidents, traffic generally moves along fairly quickly. That is, until you get down to just before the University of Kentucky Medical Center and the lanes available narrow to just two, regardless of the time of day and the traffic flow.

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