Fall TV Line-Up

ProhibitionI recall just a couple of weeks ago I was so looking forward to the return of some real TV for a change. I know there are some decent things on some of the cable/satellite shows during the summer, but most of those that are good are generally far and few in between. Of course the big thing I was looking forward to is my normal three or four standbys, but there were more than a couple of new series that had my interest. That lasted for about the first commercial break on of them, though a couple of them pretty much lost me after about five minutes…

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Hudson Valley and Wine

Hudson Valley Wine“There is a valley in New York. And a river runs through it. And Henry Hudson first discovered it.” So starts a show, recorded a show from PBS that broadcast on KET over the weekend called New York Wine & Table. I admit to recording the oddest thing that catches my interest on occasion, but the description of “specialty growers revitalize farming and wine making in the Hudson River Valley, with blackcurrant wine, apple vodka, and apple cider” appealed to me on some level. I suppose the combination of farming and wine making were the two things that really caught my attention, as I am passionate about both of those. Of course I also thought my trip to upstate New York several years ago was beautiful and I was a little curious about apple vodka as well. I find myself fairly awake this evening and after watching a documentary of Chris McCandless I was feeling more alive then usual and thought I would watch that video while I wrote a blog about something else.

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PBS to the Rescue

PBSA few weeks ago I posted a rather bit of a rant on one of my other blogs about how the History Channel really had little to offer any more in the regards of actual history. You can read that over on Eligius and specifically at the post NOT-History Channel. Anyway, the point is I have rediscovered an old friend in PBS. I used to be a PBS junkie prior to the explosion of things like Discovery and History channels on cable/satellite networks. My recent reentry into the PBS world with the National Parks has had me making a much greater effort at what is available.

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National Parks

Scenic ShotOver the last couple of weeks I had the enjoyment of catching Ken Burns’ latest production on the local PBS affiliate of National Parks. I should have posted before now, because it was available online as well up until last Friday, though there are a few supplemental videos still available at video.pbs.com and the entire series can be purchased from I-Tunes. Regardless, I am sure it will be aired again on several PBS stations here shortly and when it does in your area it is amazing and well worth the effort to watch it.

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