Plastic Back to Oil

OilI saw this article back around the first of the year sometime that talked about a machine that could turn plastic bags into back into oil and was pretty excited about it. I meant to write about it at the time, but I heard someone mention the process in passing at a ballgame of all places and thought I would go back to it. After a little bit of searching I was finally able to come up with the original article about plastic bag back to crude oil machine and to save you a bit effort, here is the link –

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Green Ideas

Tree Hugger

I have been thinking the last few days of several things that I (and sometimes along with my roommate) do that are fairly green and in many cases actually a cost savings over what it would be if you were doing the non-green alternative. I thought it might be a good list of things to share here. Yeah, I know most of these are easy and no brain power really required. However, just in case I have tried to list out the reasons why I personally think they are green.

  • Converting to the low-wattage light bulbs. I realize that they are bit more pricey than regular bulbs, but the equivalent light output for often times 1/4 or even less of the actual power to be used. Further, while the replacement bulbs are a bit pricey and it is questionable if they would actually pay for themselves with the power savings over their life time one thing is for sure. They do not typically burn out like normal light bulbs do. As a matter of fact, I have had some of these bulbs Continue reading “Green Ideas”