Oaks Picks

Kentucky Oaks LilyWe are just under a week away from the Kentucky Derby and even closer to the Oaks, which will run on Friday afternoon/evening.  As per my usual I am pretty excited about the upcoming weekend and greatly looking forward to it.  As also is my usual, I have my picks and some insight as to why they are my picks.  I am going to give mine for the Oaks today and follow-up with my Derby picks tomorrow. Continue reading “Oaks Picks”

Churchill Downs – Closing Saturday

Churchill DownsThose who know me should be aware that the last several years I have headed over to Churchill Downs for the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year, however, I ended up heading over on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead.  There was a little bit of delay in deciding to go, actually we (the wife and I) and about decided to not attend at all, and that left us without the ability to get tickets together for our family group when we did decide to go. Continue reading “Churchill Downs – Closing Saturday”

Triple Crown, Rants, & More

Triple Crown TrophyIf you watched the Belmont Stakes and stuck around the comments after the race you have no doubt seen California Chrome’s partial owner complain about the Triple Crown setup being unfair. If not, you have likely heard about it since that time, as it has been all over the media, especially since he continued rants on Sunday. Followed by some crow and what I guess we take as a sincere apology this morning.  Let me just say, I personally think he should be ashamed and here is my reasoning. Continue reading “Triple Crown, Rants, & More”

135th Kentucky Derby

Old FashionedAs promised the other day (and ironically actually something I started a LONG time before the other day), I wanted to mention some details about the horses that I am thinking have the best run at the 135th running of the Kentucky. Yes folks, it is definitely getting to be that time and I certainly start getting excited about it right about now. Horses have done there two-year campaigns, if you agree with that or not and now they are hitting their potential prime on the race track and there is one race that stands out today more than other and that is the Run for the Roses that takes place always on the first Saturday in May.

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Road to the Roses

Run for the RosesFirst, yes, I have sucked the last few days on keeping my posts going for the month. Just got busy and absorbed. But now for something completely different. The Run for the Roses is just a little over two months away and I like to get excited about that. I played this fantasy stable thing last year that was a blast and there can be some real prize money. Oh and just so you my two leading favorites are Old Fashion and Stardom Bound, but there will be another post soon about those.

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Impressive – Casino Drive

Casino DriveOn the way home today I stopped by my favorite place to in theory finish up the work on my 2009 budget for the office. I should have know better than that, especially given the deep connections of the both patrons and the owner to the horse racing industry and the fact that Keeneland ran today. So there are more than a few people in here talking shop about horses.

There was some amazement at my pick on My Best Pal Red on Friday, who won and paid $19.20 for the $2.00 ticket I have to admit it was random inspiration for me to bet a Florida breed horse over a field of Kentucky breed horses with trainers I like, but I thought of someone when I read the name and immediately thought of a charmed person I know, so I knew I had to bet the horse. I was so confident that I put $4.00 down for the win and will split it with my inspiration. Oh, and you can bet I am not telling the guys (and gals) here how I came up with that one.

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Trouble – Wireless at the Pub

Just had an interesting learning experience. So my favorite pub for a long time, even going back to when I was living in Lexington in the 90’s is called McCarthy’s. A bit of background: It is a true Irish pub owned by a Irish horseman by the name of Roddy. I am not sure of the exact relationship, but I know he had something to do with a Kentucky Derby winner back in the 90’s and hence the ownership of this pub now. It is decorated in mostly pictures and memorable of fine racing horses, as is probably not surprising. One of the nicest touches I think is the brass tags that one would usually find on a thoroughbred’s halter and tacked along the front edge of the bar naming both famous horses and famous horse farms, some local some not so much. Anyway, the pub is a true bar. Basically any drink you want, including of course draft beer, especially good dark draft beer, cider on tap, lots of Irish and Scottish whiskeys, and about any other drink you want. However, if you want more than potato chips plain or in salt and vinegar,since the establishment across the street has moved, you better eat before you come. It is a nice crowd here usually up until about 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Mostly being a few older folks having a drink, some good conversation, and catching the latest news and horse races both on this side and the other side of the Atlantic. It does however, pick up in a major way when classes are in session, especially starting around 10:30-11:00 pm on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

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Lucky, High-Class, Redneck

Let me begin by setting the scene for you. I drove home from work a little bit ago. I stopped along the way at a boarding barn that I had been meaning to check out. Turns out they have room for two horses and will likely pay me during the summer and fall for one of the borders if they can use her in lessons – for which she will be well suited having done similar before (too bad that they don’t need a horse for super advanced idiots that want a thrill ride – could get the same deal on Mad Jack that way). Anyway, it is right on a corner I drive by usually at least four days a week, sometimes more and there is 1500 acres of open farm land to ride on behind the place. Sound lucky so far right?

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