IT House Cleaning

Old Computer Equipment
Old Computer Equipment

I have been working in the Information Technology field in some regard or another for just about 25 years.  My current employment has been for just about eight years.  It is amazing the amount of old technology that accumulates in such a short window of time.  IT folks, myself included, are notorious for saving this cable and that electronic gizmo because we never know when we might need it.  From time to time a clean out is needed… Continue reading “IT House Cleaning”

Plastic Back to Oil

OilI saw this article back around the first of the year sometime that talked about a machine that could turn plastic bags into back into oil and was pretty excited about it. I meant to write about it at the time, but I heard someone mention the process in passing at a ballgame of all places and thought I would go back to it. After a little bit of searching I was finally able to come up with the original article about plastic bag back to crude oil machine and to save you a bit effort, here is the link –

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Election Day Blues

VoteI am sitting here the night before the election and really perplexed about who to actually support in the major elections tomorrow. There is a part of me that really just almost wants to sit it out this time through as I just can not really settle on any candidates in any of the races. Granted, part of the problem at the local level is having just moved here to Nicholasville in the summer and not having a good pulse of the local politics. At the level of going into the state house and especially Congress, I am really at a loss and wondering at the extreme ends all the candidates seem to be mostly taking. I suppose the one relief is the special interest groups and their advertising will be over and the crazy campaign signs will be coming down.

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Random October Observations

Graphene CrystalI have not had a good list of those little observations in a long while, partly because most things of late have been a longer post. However, I have come up with several shorter pieces of information to share over the last few days. They range from some comments on the Nobel Prize for Physics concerning the invention of a graphene to the tea party’s hijacking by the likes of Glen Beck and a very personally disappointing Sarah Palin. Somewhere in between there will be some comments on about how I think Toyota got a raw deal from the government regarding the recall, but that really goes back to September. Mixed in there somewhere will be a little bit about the FreeCycle concept what I think is wrong with it working as well as it should.

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Green Music

CDI bought some CDs sometime in the last week or two. I pleased to observe as I browsing the shelves looking for the specific music that was appealing to me that date that about one half of the new music is packaged in a card stock folded case. To many I am sure this is not such a big deal, but it made me very happy to see it. Seeing such cases over the regular plastic jewel cases was a positive step for the green movement. Yes, they are made from trees. However, trees are renewable resource if managed correctly and the case it self is then recyclable and further biodegradable. And given that I usually buy a CD put it in my case and end up maybe keeping the jewel to put a data CD in to give to someone, if I am lucky to remember such, it is a win-win. Continue reading “Green Music”

Going Green

Leather BootI spent sometime early this morning catching up on some blogs that I have not managed to visit much lately for one reason or another. As I was reading through several suggestions and ideas from a couple of the sites in regards to moving toward a more green idea or way of doing things I came across a couple of things with which I have issue or just a point to make.

  • Electric Cars are the wave of the future and have zero emissions and are so incredibly green. Yes, folks the car itself is indeed very green and it may be that by virtue of charging it over night with electricity you may actually lead to (and probably would) fewer emissions and a net positive impact on the overall world eco-system. However a gripe I have about this that is often overlooked is that cars that are charging from our electric grid still have to have the electricity produced somewhere. I live in Kentucky and before have lived in Virginia and both places provide electricity to several surrounding areas as well, both directly and via products they ship out-of-state. The largest amount is produced by coal-fired generation facilities. Sure, it is getting cleaner with new technologies, but lets please stop kidding ourselves and saying zero emissions for electric cars, it is just displacing where the emissions are counted. Continue reading “Going Green”

Green: Bike Ride

Share the Road

A good thing has come out of having my car broke down and in the shop for repair. Yesterday afternoon I went and picked up the more rugged of the bikes (the one needs work anyway and is in Danville). Then given that all other plans had fallen through I rode the bike downtown. It was a good little trip to downtown and made me remember my college days a little bit, as when in college I had a bike around for a couple semesters and I also road right through part of Transylvania’s campus on my route. I rode to a couple of different places once down town and much later – somewhere around one in the morning, I headed back home. I think all told I probably rode close to five miles, but really can not say for sure. Continue reading “Green: Bike Ride”

Absurd Recycling

Recycle CardboardThis is something that really got into my crawl yesterday evening and has been bugging the crap out of me ever since then. Every time I think about it just makes me almost mad all over again. Let me set the stage. Living where I do, we have a recycling program. Actually a very good one. They have recently been running an ad campaign, which i have seen just once about not using the cardboard box as a refuse container. This is especially emphasized by the cardboard getting wet and breaking open or dogs roaming and getting into the refuse. But instead of having those problems the ad suggest to fold the cardboard flat and put it beside the recycling herby at the curb.

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Going Green II

It has been to long and I have been lazy – enough said about that. Anyway, I am on a bit of a roll with this going green thing today. Just had a conversation with the new roommate a bit ago in regards to greenness.

It is amazing to me the things that can be recycled in some of the bigger towns and cities around. It is amazing to me also just how much the recycling programs have grown and expanded over the years. I can recall just a few years ago for instance, when here in Lexington you couldn’t recycle slick print paper, which meant by and large they could not take magazines, now then can. It also used to be that there was nothing to do with electronics but to toss them. These days however, there a drop offs for such things as even computers and monitors – which is a very good thing. Granted, here in central Kentucky Lexington is the only place with such options, but it is growing. Even tiny Wilmore has an aggressive recycle pickup program, of course many smaller communities have yet to even make that step, but it is coming.

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