Chuy’s – All Around Good

Chuy'sNot usually my thing to even mention restaurants all that much unless I am going off about some crappy customer service experience I have had with them, however Chuy’s deserves my mention and more. It is a relative new coming to Lexington and really not my kind of thing so much, given that it is a big chain and a chain of Mexican/Tex-Mex food at that. I think this one will give so many of our semi-local Tex-Mex food places a good run for their money and I think the attitude and price will more than compete with the other one or two more upscale Mexican places in the local area.

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Bob Evans – Brannon Crossing

Bob EvansA few weeks ago, I had told my wife I would treat for breakfast. I have known for sometime that one of her favorite places to have breakfast is Bob Evans and there was one pretty close two where we needed to head afterwards. So that was the plan. Breakfast itself was pretty good, but I got a bit of indigestion when the check came. It was a mild case initially, but when I pointed things out to the staff and received not one bit of sympathy or even concern, it became worse I am in doubt of my return to that particular Bob Evans anytime soon, if ever again.

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Pub, Bar, Club

Historic TavernSomething that I have thought about a little bit now and then is the idea of opening my own pub. I am not sure if it would be a pub, a bar, a club, or even a restaurant of some sort. It is something that has kind of a joke around with different friends for a number of years. It usually comes up in a circle of friends after I have cooked a big meal for some group that is over. Sometime or another there is discussion of having a maybe a pub that serves just a few regular items, has a daily special or something, and of course serve drinks and such.

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