Posting Habits & Automation

SpamAs I noted sometime last week in a post, I had not realized how the automation tools I had been using were feeding one another and sometimes I was getting several different ‘links’ to the same blog post on different social media sites. I had to still admit it, but basically, it was bordering on a form of spam to be sure. One of the things that I realized out of this was that while some of the automatic tools were handy for things, it leaves out some of the warmth that can from a real person making the post. Additionally, often time the automatic tagging left out the photo links.

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It Is Finished…

Subscribe / Follow IconsNo, not that ‘it is finished…’ Some of you may recall may back in the fall I set out on a mission to run through all the blogs both here on Mephistos and all the other blogs I host. The effort was to fix some of those little grammatical errors that are so easily missed when running through the process of posting, even with proof reading. I was using the After the Deadline tool that does a decent job of catching grammar issues (or at least pointing out potential problems), catching a lot of spelling errors, and certainly helps with all those typographical errors and really helps with those stop, go, stop, go though process mix-ups. I am not sure the start date, but want to suggest late September or early October. Over five hundred posts (counting all the blogs) later and the grammar/spelling check is complete.

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RSS Dead?

RSS LogoIf you have been reading anywhere the last week or two you have probably heard some mention of RSS feeds and the useful technology that goes with it being dead. There has been just about as much, if not more debate claiming that it alive and well just in case you are wondering. So which is it? Well, as with so many things, I think it depends on your vantage point and your usage. But maybe I should first backup and explain a little bit of what RSS feeds are and how they are even used, because I suspect that a number of readers have never heard of them.

RSS usually stands for Really Simple Syndication and has a few formats that are supported. All the family basically allows someone to subscribe to a website’s RSS feed and get updates delivered pretty much as soon as they are made. That in itself is a nice feature. However, for people who are more geeky and tend to read a lot on the web, it gives the capability of pulling all the new stuff that you read (and even old stuff you have not read as of yet) into one location. Usually this location is a feed reader of some sort, of which Google has one as well as several other companies, though personally I have just used the function included with Thunderbird on my desktop.

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Bidvertiser Failure

BidvertiserBidvertiser, as an advertising company is an epic failure in my opinion and if I were paying for advertisement I would be irate with them. A little background is in order, I am sure. A few months ago I got serious about pursuing advertising and sponsorships to help offset the costs associated with hosting and supporting not only Mephistos, but the several other blogs I have as well. Granted, I still have some serious work to do, especially in regards to actually getting some sponsorships, but the advertising as been pursued in-depth. On advertiser solution I decided to pursue was with a company called Bidvertiser.

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Face Lift

Atahualpa ScreenshotAfter a large amount of work over the last several late evenings, I am happy to announce the ‘new’ look that Mephistos now has. It has been a while in coming as I have at various times over the last couple of months recognized the need to move forward with getting a new theme in place. After brushing up on my CSS skills for the depth of the task at hand. And right as I was getting started on the process the other night I discovered a theme called Atahualpa.

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WordPress Blog Software

WordPressFor those of you do not know, which probably depends on how much of a technical inclination you have and how far back you have been reading the blog, but this blog runs on my own hosting solution with an installation of the WordPress blog software running on top of that. This particular setup is great, as it back ends to a basic MySQL database, sets on a very nice Linux host that I have a setup running several other sites on as well. WordPress itself is released under the open source, open license concept, which means as things are thought of they can be added and it is free to use the software, available at for download.

It is possible of course to sign up and run a WordPress based blog on the site, by simply signing up, and starting. It does have some limits on the customization options, but very few. It does limit you ability have a direct domain without paying for it and you are also limited in doing any advertising on the site yourself or at least you were when I investigated sometime ago. This is however, probably the quickest and easiest way to get started blogging outside of a site like MySpace which does have a limited blog type of software that works well with in the community, but is cumbersome at best for a non-MySpacer.

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