Bing Rewards, Wikipedia, & Bing Homepage

BingBing is a search engine that in my humble opinion rivals the big king of search engines, namely Google. About the same level of advertising and generally similar search results (and on occasion, results that I find are more relevant, especially on really technical searches). The really cool thing is that Bing also has a rewards program for using their search engine. Unlike some other search and reward programs, this one still actually returns good results that is worth using in most cases and has a couple of really cool features to help the process along.

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Search Engine Warnings for Questionable Sites

Cover of  Morozov's BookIt is almost believable to be that some one is actually suggesting this kind of thinly veiled move toward censorship, but that is exactly what Evgeny Morozov is proposing. Morozov is a writer of a book and researcher that focuses on how the use of technology tends to affect the social aspects of society at large, so his opinion piece recently suggesting such a move of labeling websites that may be based more on pseudo science as such has gotten a lot of attention. Now to be sure, after reading his opinion and listening to parts of his recent interview Q, his actual idea is to label the sites actually based on science or even move them up in the page rankings.

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