IntenseDebate vs. Disqus

IntenseDebateRealize that a few months ago I gave Disqus a trial run based on something I had read about it pulling in comments from other sources. However, that particular function seemed to work sporadically at best and so after a few days of testing I rolled it back. However, without much brain power having been spent, it is clear the comments increased during that short-lived attempt. So, now I come back asking if I were to consider a return to such a community/comment building system – which is the better option – Disqus or the very popular IntenseDebate?

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Google PlusThought I would spend a little time for my Tech-Friday to talk about Google+, or Google Plus if you will. It has been around for just a couple of weeks at this point and is booming already. Last count I heard (sometime last week) had the user base at over ten million already. Granted, that is nothing compared to Facebook’s user base at this point, but consider is still beta and only open to users who have been invited. It is clearly growing by leaps and bounds. Add to that the “+1” tool that clearly moves right into the Google+ system and you are already seeing the system all over the internet today. As if the clear boom growth is not reason enough to get involved with Google+ at this point, here are three big reasons why I think you should consider jumping onto the Google+ bandwagon.

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Dear Share This…

Share ThisDear Share This…

I have been a long time user of your software, especially the plugin/widget version that has long been available for the WordPress platform, as well as similar on some other platforms. I admit fully, that at some point in the past I did give a different multiple sharing tool of a similar nature a try, but after seeing little reason for switching across the board, after the sort experiment I returned to your fold of users. Not only have I been an avid user, but I have blogged positively of your tool several times and have in fact encouraged other users to pursue usage of your tool as well. There are so many positive things I have liked about your product as you have moved forward with it, including the ability to customize and configure to suit my own needs, look, and feel.

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Social Network – Facebook

ZuckerbergThe wife and I went to see Social Network, the movie earlier this evening. It was quite an enjoyable movie. It is unfortunately only going to be playing for a very short amount of time in the theaters, as it is already starting to be available on DVD/Blu-Ray and will be available on pay per view very soon. Of course I saw it at the dollar theatre and definitely thought it was worth the price of admission. If you have an opportunity to see it in any of these medians I would highly recommend it but only if you are ‘geeky’ by myself.

The movie itself follows Mark Zuckerberg and his friends through the idea and creation of the social network we now know as Facebook. It starts with mark in his freshman year at Harvard, where after a bad date he writes an application on the web in one evening called face mash. That kick your application ran for a weekend before its popularity from the Harvard network to stand still.

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BBS Days Recalled

Wildcat!Got to thinking about things the other day and gave a few thoughts back to the computer day prior to the big kickoff of the internet revolution in the mid 1990’s. Not sure how many of you were around doing computer things in what the version of online prior to the boom, but it was largely systems called Bulletin Board Systems. It was with fond memories I skipped down that lane from that time period in the late 80’s on into the early 90’s. I still count among some of best friends those that were made in that time period and though we have perhaps not kept up with each other as much as we should have, we still occasionally correspond in some way.

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Six Movies Have to See

Movie SixThere are six movies that have recently come out that I think should be on just about anyone’s list of have to see movies (it started as eight – but that is why I am making a list). I had been keeping a running list in my head of what they are, but have in the process let one of the titles slip out of my head. I have also managed to let two of these movies completely finish their run without having caught them at the theater, though I personally do not think they are the kind of movie that will suffer much from being seen on the less expensive small screen in the living room. Anyway, that all being considered, I thought I should make a few quick notes of the titles. I thought it would give me a perfect opportunity to speculate and comment as to why I think they are such need to see films.

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