Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingA quick post to say Happy to Thanksgiving to all my friends and family, and especially the extended family that occasionally reads the blog!  Hope that everyone has or has already had a wonderful day with family and friends, some good food that hopefully included a bit of turkey and the fixings, and if you are travelling I hope those are safe throughout.  Lastly, an appropriate thought for the day, a few things for which I am thankful of includes my wife and her wonderful ability to cope with me, my dog who is loyal beyond all, the horses, who have put up with me despite my large absence this year, and of course my job and people I work with.  Oh yeah, I should not forget all those hours of fishing and the fish that have allowed me to catch and often eat them!

** – Image is from Wiki Commons.

Tobacco, Jamestown, & Pilgrims – Truth

Pocahontas  & RolfeEveryone knows that the religious group known as the Pilgrims that settled the area known as Plymouth were the first permanent settlement right? We all know that such puritans would not ever dream of starting a fight with Native Americans right? And just what was that motivated so many English and other European Nationals to take the risky two month sea voyage to the colonies? Especially considering that early colonists had an average survival rate well below twenty-five percent. Tobacco was something that the Native Americans taught the settlers how to raise, correct? Here are a few facts of the matter that are often confused, some of it through what we are taught in grade school and other of it just perpetual mis-information that is handed down over and over, despite being largely in correct.

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