Oops! I Did It Again…

Mephistos ThemeI know, terrible reference to a questionable song, but I did do it again.  The it being changing the theme on the blog.  The one that was in use before was seeming to me at least a little crowded and didn’t necessarily really fit.  And today, I happened onto a site that was using this theme (or some variation thereof) and with a bit of research, I found Anders Noren’s website and…  Continue reading “Oops! I Did It Again…”

Responsive Theme

Twenty TwelveI realize that I just changed themes not to long ago and was just getting all the final bugs really worked out and having things looking good, but…  Here we go again.  Why the rush?  A concept called Responsive, or more specifically Responsive Web Design.  What is that?  The basic idea is the website, without having to be specifically coded for each device, will respond to the type of device it being viewed upon and over the best view possible in a viewable size and minimal side scrolling to see it.  Or in other words the website will support your old computer, your new uber-high resolution computer, your tablet, your smart phone, and the next device that has not come out yet all equally well.

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WordPress 3.4

WordPress Logo
Image is 3-D version of WordPress Logo by 3Nhanced

I have been so out of the loop with WordPress of late, that I did not even realize we were about to get a new release of things until it popped up requesting an update on one of my sites this evening.  It hit at a good time as I made new full backups of all my sites last night.  I just had the short about time pulling a quick copy of my databases and then I quickly did that upgrade as well as updates to the themes and plugins that were quickly available.  So far it mostly looks good and shows some good work that has been done on the upgrade, with one minor exception that I have found on one of my sites.  Here are a few details about the release and the one problem I have seen.

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New Theme

New ThemeI started the process of finally converting over to a less customized theme by first just looking to see what was out there and what features I did want include. In the end I decided on a really simple theme that has very few custom options which needless to say has very little impact on the load time, especially in regards to database connections and calls for data. I did settle on pretty simple them called PressPlay and after my few slight modifications, that is indeed what you currently see running on the site today.

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Customizing Themes

Mephistos Customer ThemeI admit it, that sometimes I am little slow. In this particular case, my slowness is causing some of my blogs using WordPress to be slow when loading up and it took me until the other day to realize it. What is the slowness and why? Well, frankly it is the customization that is available with certain themes these days. Granted, I have not taken the customizing as far you could run with it, but there are more than a few themes out now (of which, at least two of them I have used either now or in the not so far off past) that you could run on two sites and not have anything similar on them. Continue reading “Customizing Themes”

WordPress 3.2

WordPressIt is just before 3:00am in the morning as I begin composing this post but I am actually inspired and feel very compelled to write. Just a bit ago I finished up some work stuff and noticed a page load to my blogs had hung way back when on this machine. I set them to reload and noticed an update available on one the dashboards after logging into it. I was excited and checked, and sure enough yesterday (the 4th) WordPress 3.2, the latest major release, is now available. As I had done some testing with the release candidates I felt pretty comfortable with installing the update and have not been disappointed so far.

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Revised Theme

New ThemeFirst pass of the new theme that is using Weaver based on the Twenty-Ten theme was turned on early Monday and after a bit of tweaking is ready to mention it. The Weaver theme platform allows for a good deal of customizing, though not quite as much as the theme Atahualpa that I had been using most recently, but still a good amount of flexibility to achieve the look that is desired. Because it based on the Twenty-Ten theme and is written for the newer versions of WordPress, it does have several advantages and I think that the sometimes encountered slow load on the site was because of the funky way Atahualpa stored/retrieved settings – time will tell on that particular aspect of things.

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WordPress, MobilePress, and Weaver Theme

Weaver BannerYes… I know, a long time since I have posted here and I am a little bit ashamed. I did indicate that I was going to take about ten days off from posting here and instead chronicle my medieval experiences at Gulf Wars XX instead over at Eligius. Well, now it has been approximately fourteen days since I have posted either here or there. I do have post that need to be made on both blogs and I will be resuming (hopefully) my daily post here and will do the same for several days over there as well.

Anyway, to get on the post and what is getting in my crawl a bit today is MobilePress. I also wanted to touch on the work I am doing with theme and point out that there could be some days where things are a little wonky while I work through that hazard. Both of which are things I am pretty sure I mentioned prior to my departure for the seven day immersion in a medieval time to the south of here.

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Crowd Waiting for 1919 World Series Score UpdatesOkay, I have been kind of stuck in a rut the last few week with things at the office and admittedly a bit pre-occupied at home with getting ready for what has become an annual trek to the south around this time of year for Gulf Wars. That is still not a good reason to not have been getting the blogs done here like I should have been doing. Again, it is not for a lack for having things to write about but rather because of lack of time in conjunction of lack of motivation (or really wanting a break) when the time is available. That all being said, I did want to point out a couple of changes that are going to be underway here after my return, a couple of which have already started and point you have to a different blog for next week.

Let me start with the different blog. During the next week, as mentioned, I will be down in Mississippi doing a medieval event called Gulf Wars. I am taking horses down and will do some ground fighting, maybe, but I will definitely be doing some mounted things including jousting. Because I will be gone for entire week and I am doubting seriously that I will have the time to write posts for week prior to leaving, expect the posting to be light or not existent here starting on the 13th and on through about the 19th or 20th. During that time frame though, I am planning on posting daily over at my medieval blog, eligius.org, chronicling my daily encounters and activities at the war. Check it out for some different and interesting reading, especially if you think you might like medieval stuff at all.

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