Resolutions – Part II

Cherry BlossomI have already posted some resolutions that I made prior to even Christmas. At the time I knew I had a few more that I needed to make before the end of the year. At this juncture I am pretty sure I have them all in my head, but I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and get them jotted down somewhere. As these are in general briefer then the originals, I am giving them about one line. I am also, for review, including the resolutions in brief in this post as well. As it is now day two of the new year, I can attest to getting along with these in pretty good fashion so far.

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Election Day Blues

VoteI am sitting here the night before the election and really perplexed about who to actually support in the major elections tomorrow. There is a part of me that really just almost wants to sit it out this time through as I just can not really settle on any candidates in any of the races. Granted, part of the problem at the local level is having just moved here to Nicholasville in the summer and not having a good pulse of the local politics. At the level of going into the state house and especially Congress, I am really at a loss and wondering at the extreme ends all the candidates seem to be mostly taking. I suppose the one relief is the special interest groups and their advertising will be over and the crazy campaign signs will be coming down.

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Time keeps slipping into the future.

Moving Sun Dial

I wish there were more of it these days. And no, it is not all work related that keeps me from having enough time, though I do fully admit that it is the biggest user of my time. Beyond that though is just time management. I am asking this, because I was talking to a friend this eve. A fairly close friend, though we have not spoken for almost a year (that is a whole other long story). But neither of us have time to work on armour construction these days, much less those blast furnace projects he was always experimenting with or the stupid things I would see about doing to make a process of doing something easier. And as I thought about, I filled up some of time in the last few months with blogging, but really not that much of it. And of late – the last few weeks in particularly, I have not even really had that much time for even blogging. So I am just going to thinking things through out loud here for a bit and see. Continue reading “Time keeps slipping into the future.”

Five Years – Time Flies

Where does it go? I recall when much younger that it did seem like there were long moments when time all but did stand still. It occurs to me though, as the all the older generations told me when I was in those moments, that time speeds up as one moves through it. I have to, as aside thought, wonder if that has something to do with Einstein’s theories regarding relativity in some additional way that has not been here to considered. Anyway, I digress – what I was really looking for is a moment of reflection.

This is largely being brought on by the fact that almost five years back was the time that I relocated back to Kentucky from the wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia. I know that was right around the first of August that the official move back took place, but I know that some of the first few trips (of a total of about five – maybe six) back and forth over the mountains took place in late June or perhaps early July. I am really having a hard time counting up the total of five years though – seems like I have lost one in there somewhere. Suppose I have not though, just year three four were so much fun and so incredibly busy I guess the passed by in the seeming time span of one year. The ten months have gone by incredibly fast too.

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Cloud Computing

Has anyone outside of the high-tech world of system administrators and the like heard of this buzz word in the last couple of years? I am curious more because I completely understand what it is and the concept is so as the world turns to me. It is, for those that are wondering, suppose the be greatest thing to happen to computers since the microprocessor and html or something like that.

You see, back in the beginning of computers – well – okay, back in the beginning of when computers started to be utilized we had big computers that occupied entire rooms and sometimes even the whole floor of many fine institutions like universities, banks and fortune 500 companies. Now pretty much everyone at those companies could access and use the computer power in said big machine by what was called a terminal or even more correctly, a dumb terminal. So called, because basically it had not processing ability – it instead just offered a display back of the processing that was taking place on the main computer. Interesting that I used the word main, as those big computers were often called main frames.

Fast forward to 2008, when I hear an interview on NPR this morning (yes, in case if you have not figured it out, I probably listen to more talk radio, especially NPR in the mornings, than typically I do of music – at least from the radio). So they are interview this fellow from some nameless fortune 500 company in regards to cloud computing. Not the first that I have heard of it, but maybe the first for some of you. The basic idea is there is this internet cloud. You computer on the desk or better yet in your lap, is a low powered system that really doesn’t have much computational ability. How does this work, well, when it needs to actually compute something, it talks to the internet cloud and the processing is passed off to some machine up there in the cloud. The computation takes place the result is returned to your low powered PC – which is basically just displaying the results – like – ta da – a terminal. Interestingly enough, with the ability to potentially access time on super computers (granted, you would have to have a pretty good limit on your credit card to do this much) you can have all sorts of computer processing power at your fingertips.

Interestingly enough the whole reason that we have gotten to such expensive systems on the desktops is that since 1980, when the first manufactured PC’s started to appear, we have gone full swing with the pendulum the opposite direction. The model basically putting at persons fingertips the full computing power they need. The downside to this is of course that so often the computers sit there idle or running with a minimum load in order to compensate for that one or two spikes a day that requires a big honking amount of computer power. This model was also desirable, as the network infrastructure was lacking to support the above model – as dial-up for home especially was TOO slow.

So, to all my former students who I had said the pendulum was starting to swing the other direction since Windows 3.11 and especially with Windows 2000/XP – the concept of Cloud Computing takes us just about full circle to the former days.