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Blogging Notes for Traffic

I have been reworking my blogs over the last couple of weeks (and still have a few more weeks of effort to get them all where they should be). While I was doing this work, a few things have come up here and there about my methods for doing things certain ways and even at certain times. A few of these suggestions have to do with just generally increasing the potential exposure of the blog, because lets face it, regardless of what reason you are writing your blog in almost all instances you want the public to find and read it. A few other suggestions have to do with promoting the site through more traditional methods like the search engines and things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As I have been working through some of the redesign of the pages, I have occasionally wondered why I did something the way I did it originally and several things have changed and I had to work back through them. I thought I would make some notes of these kind of things for myself and decided it would probably be a beneficial thing to share with several people.

Tipping (NOT Cows)

Recently heard a bit on the radio concerning tipping. It was saying that 25% is the new 20% in regards to tipping your wait staff and such other service occupation that should receive such. I, just as the commentator, feel that it is a bit excessive. Further I have some opinions that do not always sit well with people in regards to tips in general. Read on to get my thoughts on the matter…

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