Wunderlist Sync Issues

Wunder ListIf you have been reading this blog over the last year or so it will come as no surprise that I like Wunderlist as a to-do list that works. At least it works the way I like to work. I am still a bit disappointed by the lack of a native Linux application, but the web version has been working fairly well for me. In addition, there is the really required version for me over on the iPad, which lets me take it with me to meetings and such or even out to the shop (garage) when I am working on a sequence of steps to accomplish some largely project. And of course the client that does run on Windows or Mac based operating systems seems to be pretty good, though I can only claim either as a casual user.

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Nitro vs. DoIt.im

Nitro Screen ShotWhat are you using as a todo type of list on your computing devices?  I have tried  a bunch of different ones over the last several months, even years.  Back in the late summer months a colleague mentioned DoIt.im, which is a native application on mobile platforms that has a counterpart desktop tool and web interface.  Recently, though, I came across Nitro with some similar function and a both native to Linux and apparently open source.  Aside from a minor quirk and functionality that need to grow just a little bit, I am very pleased with the Nitro tool overall. Continue reading “Nitro vs. DoIt.im”

Wunderlist, Tomboy Notes, DoIt.IM

DoIt.IMYou may recall that about a year ago I had settled on Wunderlist as the go to software for keeping track of the task in a list format that offered reminders and such.  Part of the reason I settled on Wunderlist was the native app offered in Linux, which shortly after my choice was dropped.  Well, not formally dropped, but the updates for the other OS were not made available for Linux and the Linux download link was replaced with an available soon.  The backwards step of dropping the native Linux app and the buggy nature of the software combined with the clumsy way it worked for somethings was enough to have me looking for something else.

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Weekend Plan

listVery dull and probably even heading toward boring to the readers of the blog.  However, I am looking forward to the weekend at home and I love making a plan, well, at least a list of the things that I am planning to get accomplished.  You have to understand that some, the month of October has been the proverbial lion of the last several months and has not had me at home so far this month on a weekend – at least not at home on my time of the weekend.

Do not get me wrong.  I loved the long weekend at Peaceful Valley Lake with a big part of my wife’s family, just relaxing and fishing and the weekend after spent at the Royal Harvest event with equestrian and late night chatting around the fire were great.  Heck, even putting up fence, less digging the post holes for Jill for her birthday and visiting with my family some was not all that terrible.  But I am ready for a weekend at home where I can catch up on some the things that are so far behind, do a few things that are just for me and my pleasure, and in general have some relaxation time while doing it all.

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More To Do

To Do ListI posted a list of things not to long ago of things that I needed to get done over a weekend. While I did not knock out absolutely everything that was on the list, it served the purpose well. The purpose of course was to both motivate me toward great accomplishment and to help hold me accountable to all that I needed to get done. So please bear with me as I run a list of things that I need to get done this weekend, where for the first time in a month or more I will actually be home all weekend. The sense of urgency is even greater on this list though, as I will be out-of-town most of all of next week and the following weekend.

Weekend Goals

To Do ListIt must be that time of year for me again… I don’t know? Earlier today I posted about weight loss and now I have a list of things I want to accomplish this weekend. Not sure if I will get to all of it or not. Helps me to stay focused though when I write out a list of what I need to do. Also helps me remember, especially when I finish one task, what else it is that I am planning on getting done this weekend. Yes, I do fully realize that if I get all this knocked out this weekend I will have to head to work next Monday to catch up on rest.

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Back to Reality

Broken FingerI returned from my semi-annual trip down to Mississippi for the annual event known as Gulf Wars a few days back. This was the XIX such event but I think it is only my V in attendance, which I started with Gulf Wars X. If you know what I am talking about great and if not read on a bit more. Having been back nearly four full days now, I am finally finding myself realizing I am back in the modern world of reality. Despite a broken finger tip I think I would still much rather be that six hundred and fifty miles away and about seven hundred twenty-five years ago…

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