Call to Action – InfoLinks

InfoLinksAs was alluded to in my post yesterday, I need to get some focus while moving forward with a plan across my various blogs to move more toward a professional money generating endeavor instead of just an expensive hobby. To that end, over the next few weeks there are some plans that are starting to coming together to drive a little bit of income out of things. First up on this front is the implementation and integration of a web advertising service called InfoLinks. Continue reading “Call to Action – InfoLinks”

Raffles, Left-Hand Turns, & Traffic Blockers

RaffleNot sure of the exact nature of it, but I have been extremely irritable the last couple of days. I do not really think it is me so much as it is the environment in which I find myself. I thought it worthy of sharing with you all and seeing if it was just me and some needless irrational aggravation on my part or if there really is some justification for my being so easily angered about these minor situations? So, here we go with raffle & giveaways, left-hand turners at stop signs into major traffic, and the truck and trailer who thinks parking in the street at rush hour is their right.

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Geeky I'm SorryA good friend of mine had pointed this out to me once before and I had not been to concerned about it, but today both he and another pretty good friend pointed out to me that sometimes my stuff is getting put on my wall several times. I do apologize for that to everyone, as I know I have pointed out to folks before that was a little over the top. While I did set things up at a point sometime ago to automatically pick up the posts and drop them here on Facebook and over on Twitter and another place or two, I failed to pay really close attention to the fact that those two were circularly talking to each other and so sometimes, depending on traffic, the same post could easily show up four and five times on my wall and because of that it may end up in your feed the same as well.

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Nicholasville Road Traffic

Nicholasville Road TrafficNicholasville Road traffic can be enough to drive the most calm commuter insane at times. It starts to pick up at the Jessamine/Fayette County line and gets extremely congested fairly quickly. However, despite the numerous people using the road, outside of those special events like ballgames and concerts, Christmas shopping in and around the malls and of course accidents, traffic generally moves along fairly quickly. That is, until you get down to just before the University of Kentucky Medical Center and the lanes available narrow to just two, regardless of the time of day and the traffic flow.

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Blogging Notes for Traffic

Web TrafficI have been reworking my blogs over the last couple of weeks (and still have a few more weeks of effort to get them all where they should be). While I was doing this work, a few things have come up here and there about my methods for doing things certain ways and even at certain times. A few of these suggestions have to do with just generally increasing the potential exposure of the blog, because lets face it, regardless of what reason you are writing your blog in almost all instances you want the public to find and read it. A few other suggestions have to do with promoting the site through more traditional methods like the search engines and things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As I have been working through some of the redesign of the pages, I have occasionally wondered why I did something the way I did it originally and several things have changed and I had to work back through them. I thought I would make some notes of these kind of things for myself and decided it would probably be a beneficial thing to share with several people.

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Sequenced Traffic Lights

Red LightI am driving around somewhere the other day and I got really annoyed about the traffic lights. It usually works, especially on stretches of by-passes and main through routes that you get stopped by just about as many lights as there are on the stretch of the road. I have always thought this was kind of lame. After all, the idea of the traffic signals is to keep traffic flowing in as orderly a fashion as possible. In fact what usually happens is the lights retard the flow of traffic by causing excessive amounts of stopping. Continue reading “Sequenced Traffic Lights”