Ten Coils Instead of Spark-Plug Wires

V10 TritonI recently purchased a new (to me) truck after the one I had purchased only a year before had continued issues (that is another long story of sorrow and woe regarding warranty work and less that honorable small time car dealerships, but I digress). So the new truck have purchased is not the in between truck as I purchased before, but rather back to a full size heavier duty truck to really haul horses and such, which is of course exactly what I need to have. I can do that now, given that my lovely wife has her own vehicle that can be used for most things and especially since, excepting on day a week most of the time I do not drive the truck to work. This particular truck is a Ford F250 Super Duty with the extended cab, long bed, and so on. It is however, not a diesel nor a manual transmission, the former being out of my general price range and the later being just to hard to find. It is however, the V-10 Triton engine, so plenty of power for getting down the road – though not many passing by fueling stations.

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More To Do

To Do ListI posted a list of things not to long ago of things that I needed to get done over a weekend. While I did not knock out absolutely everything that was on the list, it served the purpose well. The purpose of course was to both motivate me toward great accomplishment and to help hold me accountable to all that I needed to get done. So please bear with me as I run a list of things that I need to get done this weekend, where for the first time in a month or more I will actually be home all weekend. The sense of urgency is even greater on this list though, as I will be out-of-town most of all of next week and the following weekend.

Dirt on My Tires

Truck DirtNoticed the other day that my truck has some dirt on the tires and even more up on the side of it. Was a reminder of several of the places I have been of late. Which in itself was a good reminder of who I am and where I have been, many of those places being things that I have only gotten back to just lately. Thought it would be an appropriate post for number the 365th post on the blog – which is a years worth if they had been one a day, but alas, that is not the case. The blog is actually coming up on its third year here pretty soon. Anyway, let’s get on with some of the dirt that has ended up on my tires…

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Worst Ten…2009

And of course as a correlation to the best ten moments of 2009, there had to be a worst ten moments/experiences of 2009. I am not sure if this indicates that I am a negative person or not, but it seems to me that the ability to find the ten negatives was easier. I am going to go with instead that I had such happy moments to choose from that it made it difficult, where the negatives were far and few and hence easier to select. How is that for positive thinking? Continue reading “Worst Ten…2009”

Top Ten…2009

Top TenAs mentioned before, I am doing a top ten best moments and/or experiences of 2009. Clearly these are things for which I am thankful for having had the opportunity. I am still debating regarding if I should do the same for the decade. It gets a little bit more involved to find the ten items that fit the list without skipping something else. And for those wondering, yeah, but decades end in the digit 9, but I started counting in a year that ended in 0, so I am all good. So the list is in order for a change, counting down to the number one experience – but for some reason WordPress seems to not agree with a <ol reversed> tag set.
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My Sunday

One Way Into a Locked Truck!Today has been about as filled with ups and downs as I have had in a long time. It technically started at what most of you would call late last night, but I will officially go with it being today. I have near disasters followed by some very uplifting experiences. Given that I thought I would share some highlights of my Sunday with you all. I may use some of these to expand into a more full blog later this week, but not sure at this point if I will or not.

New Truck

Newish TruckAs more than a few people know at this point, I made the plunge last week and got a new, new to me at least, truck. I was planning on looking at particular one that a used dealership had on the lot a few days before. I had dealt with the dealership before with good success so was happy about that. When I stopped it, the one I was particularly interested in was sold. They did have one that I liked even a bit more for about the same price. Decided to mention it in a blog as I do not think there is even a picture of the Oldsmobile Alero, much less a mention in the two years I had it in a blog.

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