Milky WayI was thinking the other night when driving out late away from town on one of the few clear evenings we have had of late, how many more stars that I could see.  That brought me to the some memories of when I lived in the mountains of Virginia and I could see perhaps around a million of more stars that I was seeing the other night… Continue reading “Stars”

Consider Theory of Multiverse

MultiverseInteresting conversation heard this past Friday on NPR while driving to Kansas city with an author on the subject matter. Granted there are several mathematical theories that suggest and point to the idea of instead a single universe, instead multiple universes. It is certainly an interesting subject matter to consider, given the different theories of how they exist and even how they would have come into being given the different theories. What I find most interesting though is the concept that given an infinite number of space (and perhaps one could argue the same for time) for things to occur within and the apparent finite building blocks of matter, at some point it is very likely that some other universe would approach very closely and perhaps even be an exact replica of this one in which we are currently living and breathing, even having this thought. In those close but not exact other universes instead of sitting here in a coffee shop writing this I could be out on a lake fishing and in other similar one I could be in armor getting ready to head down the lane for a jousting pass.

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