Snow, Snowpocolypse, Snowmagedon, SOMG!

Snow!Get the idea about snow being the subject? I got a dirty little secret about the snow. Well, not so much secret as I am telling everyone here and really not all that dirty though I think a few people will not like it. I am more than a little disappointed that Central Kentucky is missing out on the big horrible snow of the season and likely to be the one of the decade and maybe even for a couple of score of years. Yeah, you heard me right, dismayed that it is missing us. I am sure some are thinking, “Are you kidding, have we not had enough snow already this winter?”

Okay, maybe we have had enough snow this winter for some of you, but I would have been happy with just one or two of those little, kind of just pesky and irritating snows and I will grant you that right now. But I would really like to get one or two of those big snows of twelve or eighteen inches sometime again here in Kentucky. And sure, I would not even mind if we have twelve on the ground blowing and drifting and got another dozen a few days later to pile on to it.

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Tobacco, Jamestown, & Pilgrims – Truth

Pocahontas  & RolfeEveryone knows that the religious group known as the Pilgrims that settled the area known as Plymouth were the first permanent settlement right? We all know that such puritans would not ever dream of starting a fight with Native Americans right? And just what was that motivated so many English and other European Nationals to take the risky two month sea voyage to the colonies? Especially considering that early colonists had an average survival rate well below twenty-five percent. Tobacco was something that the Native Americans taught the settlers how to raise, correct? Here are a few facts of the matter that are often confused, some of it through what we are taught in grade school and other of it just perpetual mis-information that is handed down over and over, despite being largely in correct.

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SecretariatIt has been a couple of weeks ago now, but the wife and myself went to see the movie not to long ago. It was something both of were looking forward too and I especially so as it was going to be my wife’s first exposure to the Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington. It was kind of special also in that is where the movie Secretariat made its world-wide debut. In regards to the experience, including the movie I will give it over all thumbs up. When it comes to the movie specifically I am still debating in some regards with myself. I am sure that deserves and even requires some explanation.

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The Duchess

DuchessNo, not the duchess who is known as Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame, but rather a very well made costume drama based on historical facts. I went of course, to see this movie because of it being a historical costume drama. The fact that it played at the large theater in the Kentucky did not hurt and add to that two favorites playing in it and it was a done deal for sure.

So lets start with the theater. Once again, I can not say enough if you have not yet seen something over the this wonderfully restored art deco styled building. The Duchess played in the original theater, with its huge stained glass ceiling domes and just powerfully beautiful decorations that add so much to the over all feeling of any production, but especially something with a historical setting of grandiose proportions such as this film had. And honestly folks, there is just something about being able to have a glass of wine or a nice beer with your popcorn at the movies, even on a Sunday afternoon.

Lets move on to the background story for just a bit. The movie is based on primarily on the life of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire and of course her husband, the Duke, and associates. What makes this an interesting story is marriage and the flamboyant life both she and her husband led. Notably, she married at a young age, largely out of a nice arrangement for both families. She was much in the public eye, both politically campaigning for the Whig party, 100 years before women’s suffrage, as well as being a very notable mark of the fashion during the time. Interestingly enough, in regards to the fashion aspect is that she was a friend of Marie Antoinette (though no mention if this is made in the movie) and is related to both the late Princess of Wales, Diana (note that Georgiana was a Spencer prior to marriage as well) and Sarah, the current Duchess of York.

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You, Me & Amos Lee

Open RoadOkay, I admit that it sounds like it could be bad spin-off movie title. Or even better, that Amos Lee could be a Jerry Clower or Mayberry character from the past. The fact is though that Amos Lee is an awesome musician that I have recently been introduced to, aside from being singer-songwriter by nature, Amos has inspired a few things for me and my hats go of to the person that introduced me to him. Some additional information about his music, specifically the Supply and Demand Cd can be found by clicking.

The biggest thing I was realizing yesterday morning (or is that still today?) on my normal drive into the office was just how little I actually pay attention to the news of late. Now for some of you that is not such a big deal but you have to get it from perspective. Go back seventeen years and you find someone who had such set in stone morning routines that they were almost ritual. It would start with waking at an early hour, immediately starting coffee brewing, which was followed by retrieval of both the paper and flipping the television on to CNN. After about thirty minutes of watching, drinking, and flipping pages, we then proceeded to shower and dress for the day. Often time from there we would take the paper with us for additional exploration, especially during the years I rode the bus to the office. On the weekends, especially Sundays the ritual often expanded into multiple hours and was truly my time with minor interruptions by first Abraham and later whole slew of different cats.

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Historic Marker - Jane McAfeeVery few of you that read this blog probably know this, but I grew up on a small farm in northern Mercer County. More specifically that farm was located in a little area called McAfee, which at the time was actually a dot on the official maps of the state. Though it has been removed since that time.

The little community, much as the whole of the area was originally populated by Native Americans of course. In the 1770’s though there an influx of white settlers who came both to McAfee Station and just south of there to a Fort Harrod, and of course we can not forget Boonesboro, a few miles East. The point is this though, the McAfee brothers, of which eventually their were five that settled in the area, along with some kinsfolk were the first to establish a settlement in the McAfee area of Kentucky.

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Be ThankfulI recently noticed over on a blog that I stumbled upon by accident a list of things that the blogger was thankful for during that day or week or some such. Long story and I am not absolutely sure how I stumbled on the blog, but I know her name is Lori-Lynn Hurley and I am pretty sure I found her on Facebook through people I may know. Anyway, she is a Transy alumni, has artistic tendencies, and is a very active blogger at The Dream Life. I decided that was a really good idea, especially when I recall that I have category called frustrations here on Mephistos, but nothing where I categorize that feel good things as a general rule (though I suppose the ones that are get stuck in the life category generally – but not all of life is a positive thing). Taking her thought process as the lead, I am going to create a thankful category to balance Continue reading “Thankful…”

Five Years – Time Flies

Where does it go? I recall when much younger that it did seem like there were long moments when time all but did stand still. It occurs to me though, as the all the older generations told me when I was in those moments, that time speeds up as one moves through it. I have to, as aside thought, wonder if that has something to do with Einstein’s theories regarding relativity in some additional way that has not been here to considered. Anyway, I digress – what I was really looking for is a moment of reflection.

This is largely being brought on by the fact that almost five years back was the time that I relocated back to Kentucky from the wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia. I know that was right around the first of August that the official move back took place, but I know that some of the first few trips (of a total of about five – maybe six) back and forth over the mountains took place in late June or perhaps early July. I am really having a hard time counting up the total of five years though – seems like I have lost one in there somewhere. Suppose I have not though, just year three four were so much fun and so incredibly busy I guess the passed by in the seeming time span of one year. The ten months have gone by incredibly fast too.

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