Virus Snafu

Flu VirusGoing way back on this one and admitting a mistake but giving some good advice, especially in light of the season, the economy and a lot of things I have seen of late. So this goes back to December of 2008 sometime and it has been sitting here awaiting for my oh so wonderful attention to become a post here in this blog (why is that as I say this, I am flashing imagines of “I am just a Bill” from School House Rock in my head replacing the world bill with post and/or blog?). So the short version, be careful and pay attention to the sources and what you are doing and be asked.

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Time Viruses

Anti-VirusHaving had more than a few realizations this month, just realized another one that has been going on a bit of late. It is one of those things that starts out very innocent and really not being very much of a time intrusion at all. Then before one realizes it you are, er, I mean, I am spending more and more time on the silly little things. If you are on any social network you to probably suffer through and maybe even contribute to the spread of them.

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April Fool’s Virus Hoax?

WormReaders, today we were suppose to be braced for implosion of the internet as we knew it. The conficker virus was supposed to go active and take out so much of the infrastructure of the network that computer communication would become all but impossible. First, let me be clear on terminology, it is a worm, not a virus. The potential destruction is probably greater, as it can ‘crawl’ around some on its own to an extent. Two things I think have happened that curtailed this big play on our technological pleasures today and perhaps a third one as well.

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