Snowmageddon II

Snow Again - 2015Been a couple of weeks now, but we were hit with a second major snow.  This second major snow amounted to about 13 inches in our front yard.  It did impact travel and as usual the grocery store shelves.  Thankfully, the impact was a short-lived rough 24 hour time frame (unlike the previous one that was over a week).  Anyway, very pretty snow fall pictures once again…

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Winter, Weather, & Snow

Snowy RoadI mentioned to my wife just the other day that the weather forecasting teams, local and national, had since around Christmas made predictions for three snows with a decent accumulation for our area of the country.  On all three of those past occasions, the road crews, both state and local had really put forth a major effort with both pre and post-treatment of the roads.  Over done in fact, given that on two occasion we were lucky to see two flakes accumulate in total.  My concern expressed to her was the what is going to happen when we actually do get a snow? Continue reading “Winter, Weather, & Snow”

Random, Technology, Reflection

Solar MirrorsI have so many things that I am wanting to write about her in the blog right now that I am almost shutting myself down with the thoughts running around here and there in my head. I thought this evening I would just run with some short little notes about things. Which is a good lead into the first thing I wish to bring to your attention, and of course, I have to do this as my favorite, a list. Continue reading “Random, Technology, Reflection”

Weather, Technology, and Farming

I have stated elsewhere how I am a study of opposites – especially when it comes to such things as my desire to be farming and working outside, with horses versus what I actually do with technology. Normally, aside from minor record keeping with the farm tasks, there is very little overlap between the two. However, that changed the other day, interestingly enough because of the weather. And it occurred to me how often this is the case.

In general with the farm, especially growing crops and with delicate livestock like horses, weather is something that we keep an eye on. If there are winter storms, flooding, severe weather, or what have you we make changes in the daily routines and check on animals a lot more often. In some of those cases, as a winter or especially a spring storm blows in we will often put them up in the barn – often just in the nick of time.

Case in point of how this relates to my career in information technology. Every day that I see a big severe storm on the forecast I am always doing extra checking to make sure that systems are staying online, that I continue to have power to my servers, and that my multiple telecommunications connections are still online. Just this past week, we had a fairly severe storm (of a spring nature, lots of wind, lightning, rain) blow in – the severity of which caught me and apparently most forecasters by a bit of surprise. Anyway, I came out of a restaurant and everything was dark in the area. This including my server locations.

Just like I would do as a storm was coming in with the horses, I went into an emergency mode taking care of getting servers offline before the batteries died and eventually the restoration of everything once power was restored. Anyway, the point of all this, now I have twice as much reason to be the weather junky that I have typically been in the past.