Penn Diet Success Inspiration

Penn & TellerPenn (yes of Penn and Teller, the magicians fame) has recent dropped over 100 pounds on a diet of eating healthy.  The whole story was he was feeling terrible and on five medications for high blood pressure.  Doctor made some small remark about loosing 30 pounds would make it much easier to manage and a 100 (or whatever it was) maybe no medications at all.  That inspired him. Continue reading “Penn Diet Success Inspiration”


New Years ResolutionsIt is the first day of the new year!  Good morning 2015, good-bye 2014!  And with the new year, it is the day that is most typically given over to making a few resolutions.  I could almost cut and paste the resolutions from last year, but there are a few additional ones and differing notes/strategies to go with some of the ones from last year.  Well, here goes…

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10 Week Challenge

ChallengesA departure from my normal technical reviews and ideas. The last month or two I have been really bad about my eating and further have made things worse by not getting in the exercise that I should be doing. I saw that Tera Costa (of Biggest Loser fame) is doing a 10 week challenge to get fit and such between now and the holidays. I am going to do the same and challenge everyone else who is interested to do the same.  10 weeks from now is basically Thanksgiving, but a push from there will keep it going through the holidays. Continue reading “10 Week Challenge”

New Year & Resolutions

Black-eyed PeasThe New Year and with it the typical planning for a fresher start, or at least the determination to stick with some plans made for the coming year is rapidly approaching. I have, realized over that it has been just over a month since my last post here, so I am first and foremost jumping back into my plan to post on a daily basis. I will say, that for once – aside from the week I took off from the blog after Thanksgiving, I really have been that busy with projects, both work related and personal, over the last thirty or so days. Enough of that though, time to get back to the task at hand, which listing out my ideals that I am determined about for the coming year. So, commence with your pork, corned beef, cabbage, and especially your black-eyed peas, pull up a chair… read my resolutions and comment back with your own.

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Resolutions – Part I

Weighing ScalesI realize it is a bit early to be started with resolutions, but I have one or two things that are really bugging me. I figure why put off until tomorrow that which can at least be started today. Largely, despite a couple of false starts, going back to even before I got married in the spring I have done nothing but be lazy and get fatter. I have had enough and I have got to do something about that before it gets out of hand.

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Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight Champ Rocky Marciano (1952-1956)I had good intentions back in January about loosing some more weight. Somewhere along the way that kind of got sidetracked and at first I was just mostly maintaining it. Since then however, I have put on several pounds, which is the actual opposite direction I need to be going. So, I am outlining a few things here that I know will help me with the endeavor. Maybe it will help someone else out there as well, but more than anything, it helps me hold myself accountable and hopefully you will help hold me accountable as well.

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Ice Water

Ice WaterAs I sit here on a cool, almost to the point of cold, Sunday afternoon I am reminded of a recent conversation that I had that may very well prove relevant for today. The recent conversation started with a question from a friend of mine, who is often challenging my mental capabilities and between us there are many theories exchanged though often questions left unresolved. This particular one though has an answer. The question was something to the effect does an ice cold glass of water use more energy from your body that one served at room temperature? Continue reading “Ice Water”

Good News

Good News
Some good news, especially given those who may have seen my recent notes on Facebook and MySpace, something to help offset my recent gloom in other places. There is quiet a bit of it to be had if I just look hard enough for it and ignore a certain few other things for the time being. As I have been fond of making some itemized list of late, I think this one also calls for such a format. So, in no particular order, some good news…

  • I have completely converted over my home (desktop) computer to the new model, it is running great and I am very pleased with the new speed, memory, and especially the Sata II drives in it.
  • Probably some of the best of the good news, today – well this morning, I got on the scale and for the first time in probably near five years I weighed less than 300 pounds. This is where I was heading late last fall when I got side tracked and never could seem to get traction back toward loosing again until just recently.
  • Last week I also purchased a new pair of shorts, to have for this weekend mostly – the good news, to get the size that fit best, I had to go two full sizes smaller in the waist then what I had been wearing. Now, do not get to excited, I already knew that my pants were getting to big and that I didn’t wear a belt they would not stay up – but I didn’t realize just how far down I had gone. I am still not see the size loss that much, but other folks constantly are mentioning it, so maybe it is showing some or maybe they are just trying to be encouraging?
  • In combination with the weight loss, which has mostly come from just controlling what I consume and keeping that at a level that is reasonable or slightly below that, I have also been exercising somewhat regularly. Mostly this entails getting near about two miles of a brisk walk at least every other day. Today, Bitzer and I did it with the ten pound waits on the legs. I need to start getting those on the wrist some as well. The exercise is making me feel great as a general rule – and especially given the number seemingly young acquaintances that have passed of late, I think that is a good thing.
  • I received my digital camera late last week. It is a large step up from the old one, which stored pictures on floppy disks. The new one is not top of the line, but at 7.0 mega-pixels it is not too shabby either. I will have to get a memory card for it at some point, but it does just fine for the twenty shots or so I have made so far.
  • I am making a life category posting that does not have the category frustration clicked at the same time. Mind you, that is not to say I am not frustrated, just that there is nothing in this posting that is qualified as a frustration.
  • I have made seven days in a row here on the blog with a posting of some sort. A few of those, I will agree the quality there of is perhaps a bit questionable and my apologies for that. I will mention in my defense, my past seven days did not go at all as I had envisioned it going when I started that goal of several days in row with a post. Hopefully, as I am now on a roll, I will be able to keep that up.
  • The amount of traffic, what small amount it is, that is coming to the blogs is seeing a slightly upward trend. Now granted, it hard to say for sure until it averages over a couple of weeks and the upward trend continues, but I am pleased with it for the last few days given its current trend – especially given the Sunday and Monday have historically been low days for traffic here.
  • I am officially on the Gulf Wars Equestrian staff for next years war. Had that confirmed in a conversation earlier this week. I am not sure why I am excited about this, it means I will be working at one of the events I typically try to just chill out and enjoy the moment while I am there.
  • Seems like there should be something else here, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is – maybe I was going to say I am thankful for what I got and such as that, but that would seem kind of out of my character in general, so probably not.
  • In between all the rebel-rousing I have done this weekend, I have gotten to watch some old movies that I have never seen before and some newer, but yet older movies, that I have seen perhaps 100’s of times. They were all enjoyable, even if some brought me to levels of emotion I am not used to experiencing, for whatever reasons.
  • I between the movies and the rebel-rousing, I have also managed to read a good deal in two of the books I am currently getting myself through. Both are biographies of authors, but what a difference in styles (and times) between Mallory and Twain. I will be sure and give some sort of note here when I complete the both of them.

That seems to be a bigger list then I thought I was going to muster, of course I should erase that one. Anyway, I am off to bed now, as I promised Bitzer we would get up and do two miles of walking in the cool of the morn prior to work and our shower.

* – My apologies if that image is copyright, let me know and I will remove it, but it did appear without any such indication where I found it, it was appropriate, and I liked the retro look with just a bit of sexual appeal.