Observing Sports


Not my usual kind of thing, but there has been a LOT happening in the sporting world of late and I thought I would weigh in on some of it in one of my observing style posts of old, where in I just hit several somewhat connected topics under one post.  I think I am hitting almost all of it below – yep, I got college basketball, the Hall of Fame balloting for Cooperstown, college football, the NHL lockout being resolved, and a rant about fishing at the collegiate level.  I guess that does leave out NASCAR and horseracing, but if any of the above are your interest you are in look and if none are appealing check back later, as I am sure I will have something else in a few days.

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UK Wildcat Basketball

WildcatSomething a little bit different for today and the blog.  Due to my wonderful job (at least most of the time) I am going to be attending the University of Kentucky basketball game this evening.  Yes, I did just attend a game, way up in the stands, last week versus my old college, Transylvania.  Yes, I have attended a little over a handful of games over the the years, going back to around 1989 for my first.  Yes, the experience tonight will blow those out of the water.  I will be seated down on the floor in one of the end-zones.

I am going to have my laptop there and tweet from the game, though not necessarily about the game, but the experience itself.  I will do a little blogging from the game as well, either before, during, and/or after. And maybe, just maybe, I may get a column in the paper on Saturday/Sunday.  Regardless of how it works out, be sure and to check back this evening around and during the game!

** – Image is UK Logo and rights are reserved to them.

UK Football is a Joke

Kentucky WildcatsI said it two years ago, prior to Joker Phillips officially being named the head coach of the University of Kentucky football team and I will say it double strong now – that was a big mistake. Okay, I know that football is on the far edges of the kind of thing I normally talk about, but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting daily (and doing a better job of it than has been the case in the past). With that in mind, I thought I would get things rolling quickly with some of the easier shorter post as I work on some of the more in-depth postings for later this week and early next week. In case if you are around Lexington and have noticed, the football team at our fine university has slipped from barely above average to be the annual punching bag for everyone in the SEC once again and the blame rest squarely on the ‘Joke’ that is that is in the top coaching position.

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UK Basketball Wildcats

UKI want to talk a little bit about the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, specifically the men’s team. I have been thinking it for a while and have said it to a few close friends. This is what you get when you recruit a strong class of one and gone type of players. You get a team the following year with no continuity and certainly no one has been around for two or three years that can step in and take on the leadership role, even if it is the silent encouraging leader. I mean come on, this is a team that has lost pretty much every road game that has even thought about being close and they have quit playing way to early enough times at home to make what should not be close games be way to close for comfort.

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Dear American Football

FootballDear American Football, Please consider this my official Dear John letter to you. I have, over the last several weeks and even seasons become really dis-enchanted with most of your purported sport and have finally reached my last straw. I will no longer be a general watcher of your sport going forward. I have been coming to this break with your sport for some time now, but events over the last several weeks have just completely cemented my choice to abandon you. Honestly, I have never been a super big fan, other than the shared something to do in an often social environment, so my abandonment comes easily enough. After all, no big fan of any one team, but rather the fan of any game that offers a good level of competition. I am sure you are perhaps finding this as a surprise and maybe I am just catching you off guard completely, so I will fill you in on a few details as to why we are reaching this end of our sometimes Saturday and Sunday relationship. Continue reading “Dear American Football”

Observations for Football

footballAs summer winds down and I am keeping my eye on America’s pastime of baseball, and especially the surprising Cincinnati Reds, I am also turning my attention to fall and football. I thought it would be a good time to make a few notes of what I think will likely happen with the football season, since I do love to watch football, though I admit I have always been a baseball fan and always will be at heart – that is another story though. It does however explain while I only casually root for a football team as opposed to be a lifelong devotee of the Reds. On to football…

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Kentucky Basketball

UKI am a fan and have been since at least the 1978 team, maybe a bit longer. I had kind of being disappointed with the program the last few years. I could have written a blog or two about the come back of the program under Callipari, but really decided to hold off until the end of the season and see how things went. Besides, what more could I say that my friend and co-worker Larry Vaught typically does not already cover? But as I sit here watching the last few seconds of the what surely the end of the Wildcats run I thought I would give some of my thoughts…

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