Fine Wine, Cheap Vino, & Taste Perception

Wine SplashScience has finally answered a question for me that I have had for years.  As I am sure is know, I occasionally like a decent tasting wine, especially that is not at the extreme in dry, but just the same I am not overly fond of one that is really sweet either.  What I have not been able to figure out though is the seemingly overpriced wines that I often run into.  At one time, I had the mistaken thought the more expense clearly the better the wine, especially as the wine ratings tended to always go with the more expensive varieties.  Today, science confirms, that for most people a cheaper vintage will do just fine.

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Few More Random Things

RandomI am still going back through the posts that have been made over the years here on Mephistos and editing, mostly for grammatical correction, though there are a few photograph and video issues that I am cleaning up in the process as well. A particular post that caught my attention a day or two back was entitled twenty-five random things. The post consisted of, you guessed it, twenty-five things – but not just any twenty-five things. They were random things about me. I like the concept and decided to re-visit the concept. Not sure how many I will have, but I will give it a go and see what we have in the end.

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Hudson Valley and Wine

Hudson Valley Wine“There is a valley in New York. And a river runs through it. And Henry Hudson first discovered it.” So starts a show, recorded a show from PBS that broadcast on KET over the weekend called New York Wine & Table. I admit to recording the oddest thing that catches my interest on occasion, but the description of “specialty growers revitalize farming and wine making in the Hudson River Valley, with blackcurrant wine, apple vodka, and apple cider” appealed to me on some level. I suppose the combination of farming and wine making were the two things that really caught my attention, as I am passionate about both of those. Of course I also thought my trip to upstate New York several years ago was beautiful and I was a little curious about apple vodka as well. I find myself fairly awake this evening and after watching a documentary of Chris McCandless I was feeling more alive then usual and thought I would watch that video while I wrote a blog about something else.

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Observing in June

wine-glass-bottlePicking up with my observations, which I have not been completely Johnny on the spot with of late, here are a few interesting ones from the first few days of June. They include some notes about Willie Nelson, baroque music ensembles in Lexington (of twenty years ago), the summer bring on the music and arts festivals that can be so much fun, and lastly my own personal battles with GRUB 2 of late.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Bosch's Seven Deadly SinsI had this thought that just would not let go of me for some reason this eve as I drove from the gym to the office for a bit of work. The thought was just how I probably hit at least four of the deadly sins over the weekend. The more I thought about the more I realized that even in my corrective action for some of the number, I probably transgressed another one. I was probably put in this mindset by the french film I saw yesterday that starting with a viscount commenting about the only sin left to an old man was that of gluttony, as he devoured a chicken leg. The more I thought about it, the more I really thought it would make a good blog and so here I find myself at nearly 4:30 a.m. in the morning contemplating not so much my ability to check the big ones off, but rather contemplating how hard it would be for someone to not, if honest with themselves, transgress at least one or two on occasion. And quickly, while I am thinking of it, the small image above is of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things. Continue reading “Seven Deadly Sins”

Lucky, High-Class, Redneck

Let me begin by setting the scene for you. I drove home from work a little bit ago. I stopped along the way at a boarding barn that I had been meaning to check out. Turns out they have room for two horses and will likely pay me during the summer and fall for one of the borders if they can use her in lessons – for which she will be well suited having done similar before (too bad that they don’t need a horse for super advanced idiots that want a thrill ride – could get the same deal on Mad Jack that way). Anyway, it is right on a corner I drive by usually at least four days a week, sometimes more and there is 1500 acres of open farm land to ride on behind the place. Sound lucky so far right?

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