More Pressing…

Grammar CrackersWell, really nothing very pressing, but I do have a few words and thoughts about WordPress of late. First, they were a little late, at least according the schedule that was published, with the ongoing beta releases leading up to WordPress 3.0. That of course can easily be forgiven from my vantage point though. Additionally a couple of plugins that I have been a real proponent of in the past are not really so necessary. I am not sure when they became obsolete or if I just missed that there were already tools for the non-lazy in place to handle the task in question. Regardless, my ongoing crusade to rid my site of bloat (spurred I am sure from somewhere in the back of my head writing that tight assembler code in as few bytes as possible) says they must go. Lastly, I will mention a browser plugin that is the best since they have been made and rivals many other computer milestones.

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Exciting Tech Times

WP-3.0There are a couple of major things underway in the very near future with technology… While I realize not everyone reads Mephistos for technology, some do. Ubuntu’s new LTS release is due out and we are just a bit away from WordPress 3.0 also! So read on for some information about those releases, included dates, links, and what to maybe expect in them… I will cover WordPress 3.0 (Note: that this is one word, no space, with a capital P in the middle – as that was a point of contention of late with some coverage)today and catch the new Ubuntu release this evening for tomorrow.

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Blog Tools

Word-PressI have made a few changes in some of the tools I am using here at Mephistos (and indeed my other blogs Lance of St. Eligius and Traveller’s Haven Farms). A few of them are still in process but several are complete and as usual I like to share those kind of things here. Some of these changes date back to when the CPU was being ate up by scripts running and some of them are just an effort to make things a bit cleaner on the site.

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Not in the Mood

I have not really been the mood to do much blogging the last few weeks and the number of posts shows it. A couple of times I have been close to being motivated, but I really got the mojo on after having issues with the hosting platform and being shut down yesterday. As ticked off at Lunar Pages as I was yesterday, I suppose I should really be thanking them for getting my groove back on and hence the very reason I am posting this tonight.

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2nd Anniversary

2ndAs of today the Mephistos blog is officially two years old. Two years ago on this date I sat in a coffee shop and made some notes about what was going on in my life and begin exploring WordPress. I thought today, I would give a few statistics from the blog and make a note or two as I did so. Excuse me if I seem to be a bit stuck on myself, but I rather happy about. First, I will say when I started it, I had no idea the direction it would go. Originally I was thinking more a notebook for myself. But then that drive to be read kicked into high gear.

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Plugin Aggrivation

Plug and OutletListen up all you folks out there writing plugins. Yeah, I am talking to you developers, especially those of you doing things for WordPress. Oh, but if you are writing for another platform, tune in as well. I got a beef with you of recent. A beef that I am sure almost everyone else that is using your product has with you as well.

I have seen a trend of late with a lot of plugins just constantly churning out new versions. I will keep the ones that I am thinking about nameless for now. But it is just a bit too much when one in particular has a new update to the plugin at least once a week for the past twelve weeks running. It is by no means the only one that is has fallen into that same kind of routine, as another has hit seven of eight weeks up until a week or two ago and yet another had releases on four out of eight weeks.

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Cool Tools

LeathermanAs is usual for me on occasion, I have been doing some house cleaning on the blog plugins and a few other things. I started some of this back before my laptop got stolen and so I am not completely sure what has been reported on what has not. Most of the things below are regarding new blog plugins and a few updated notes on some older ones. There are a couple of non-blog tools included as well. All are open source and free to download and install, which was a guiding force as much as possible when I put things back together on my new laptop. And you know this is going to be a list… 😉

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Blog Notes & Tools

Blog ToolBeen a while since I have done one of these and I may just have enough information to make a really good long-winded post as you all know I like to do. I have several tools that I have been using of late that I really like, a few things to complain about with a couple of tools, and a few notes about blogs in general that I would like to make. First off, my hats off to a couple of different folks (I am sure you know who you are) of late whose site I have visited and I had to ask what they were running as the CMS/backend for the system. In both cases they were running WordPress and in both cases it did not have the feel of a blog, but rather a really nice full-blown site. If you have not heard it yet, my prediction is you will see more and more of that in the next six months and WordPress itself will evolve into even more of a full-blown CMS system expanding much beyond the realm of its birth, the blog-0-sphere.

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More Blog Tools

BloggingI admit that I have been very bad about doing a regular set of blogging this month.  Especially as I was officially kicking off a second and third blog in the thirty to fifty days.  However as I count it up, I think I have managed pretty close to one post a day between the three blogs.  Of course the plan was to have one a day from all three of them.  Anyway, that is me now rambling.  What I really wanted to talk about was a couple of new blog tools that I found this evening that I am pretty excited about.

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