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More Pressing…

WordPress 3.0 Beta 2 is here. Long live the WordPress! Additionally, just why do I have a few of these plugins installed anyway? What do they do that can not be done with just WordPress. And lastly, though not specific to WordPress, a grammar checker for a text boxes? Oh my!

Exciting Tech Times

There are a couple of major things underway in the very near future with technology… While I realize not everyone reads Mephistos for technology, some do. Ubuntu’s new LTS release is due out and we are just a bit away from WordPress 3.0 also!

Blog Tools

I have made a few changes in some of the tools I am using here at Mephistos (and indeed my other blogs and A few of them are still in process but several are complete and as usual I like to share those kind of things here.

Not in the Mood

I have not really been the mood to do much blogging the last few weeks and the number of posts shows it. A couple of times I have been close to being motivated, but I really got the mojo on after having issues with the hosting platform and being shut down yesterday.

2nd Anniversary

This blog turns two today and to that end I am saying happy birthday to it!

Plugin Aggrivation

I have a big problem with the trend I am seeing in a lot of plugins in WordPress world of late and to a lesser extent other CMS systems that have such options.

Cool Tools

Some cool new blog plugins that you should give a try as well as some great open source applications and such of which you should take advantage.

Blog Notes & Tools

A lot of notes about tools for blogging, some dislikes, Kontera, Wordpress vs Joomla, and some general directions and questions for my own blogs.

More Blog Tools

I admit that I have been very bad about doing a regular set of blogging this month. Especially as I was officially kicking off a second and third blog in the thirty to fifty days. However as I count it up, I think I have managed pretty close to one post a day between the three blogs. Of course the plan was to have one a day from all three of them. Anyway, that is me now rambling. What I really wanted to talk about was a couple of new blog tools that I found this evening that I am pretty excited about. A couple of new plugins for Wordpress – edit comments xt and wp-pagenavi.

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