Wunderlist Sync Issues

Wunder ListIf you have been reading this blog over the last year or so it will come as no surprise that I like Wunderlist as a to-do list that works. At least it works the way I like to work. I am still a bit disappointed by the lack of a native Linux application, but the web version has been working fairly well for me. In addition, there is the really required version for me over on the iPad, which lets me take it with me to meetings and such or even out to the shop (garage) when I am working on a sequence of steps to accomplish some largely project. And of course the client that does run on Windows or Mac based operating systems seems to be pretty good, though I can only claim either as a casual user.

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Wunderlist, Tomboy Notes, DoIt.IM

DoIt.IMYou may recall that about a year ago I had settled on Wunderlist as the go to software for keeping track of the task in a list format that offered reminders and such.  Part of the reason I settled on Wunderlist was the native app offered in Linux, which shortly after my choice was dropped.  Well, not formally dropped, but the updates for the other OS were not made available for Linux and the Linux download link was replaced with an available soon.  The backwards step of dropping the native Linux app and the buggy nature of the software combined with the clumsy way it worked for somethings was enough to have me looking for something else.

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WunderList vs GoTasks

Wunder ListI find myself at the point of a question and thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any opinions. After using EverNote for a couple of months, I have realized one big drawback to it that I really need – a scheduler or list of tasks with a certain time to be completed by. After some research and hoping to get an extension to EverNote and even trying some home-baked ideas I have realized it was futile have looked into other options. The two at the top of the list (pun intended) is WunderList and GoTasks.

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