Code is Poetry

codeI have not done much coding at all the last several years and really almost none professionally.  I have had the occasion of late to apply my skills at some limited coding when I was making some alterations to the most recent theme here on the blog.  In the process of doing that, I realized just how much I missed it. Continue reading “Code is Poetry”


cloudNot sure if anyone else saw the segment yesterday morning on CBS’s Sunday Morning show about subscriptions, but it was so spot on with my feelings toward subscriptions.  I can remember back in the day when, as was referenced, you purchased a TV, brought it home and you had TV for life for free.  Albeit that was in the day of being lucky if you had 3, maybe 4 channels with PBS.  And then came this thing called cable and you had to pay a monthly fee to get a few more channels and the Jeanie was out of the bottle at that point. Continue reading “Subscriptions…”

Oops! I Did It Again…

Mephistos ThemeI know, terrible reference to a questionable song, but I did do it again.  The it being changing the theme on the blog.  The one that was in use before was seeming to me at least a little crowded and didn’t necessarily really fit.  And today, I happened onto a site that was using this theme (or some variation thereof) and with a bit of research, I found Anders Noren’s website and…  Continue reading “Oops! I Did It Again…”

Google Earth Pro – Free!

Google EarthGoogle Earth Pro has been made free by the fine folks over at Google.  Note the word pro in there, as Google Earth itself has been free for basically ever anyway.  It is a pretty cool tool to play around with, but outside of the professionals that will be using the pro components it is really that much advantage and can get kind of cumbersome compared to the regular Google Earth. Continue reading “Google Earth Pro – Free!”

Samsung Galaxy S5 & Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S5There is little doubt about how I felt about the Amazon Fire phone and anyone who has read long knows how in general I have little love to give to AT&T either.  So, it should not come as much of a surprise that with Sprint’s recent cut your bill in half along with an offer to buy out the contract I urged my wife to consider the option.  Much to my own delight, the thought of her ability to get the new iPhone 6 was enough to sway the deal and shortly after Christmas I found myself the owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S5. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S5 & Sprint”